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Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk

Wallet Account

For security of funds and ease of use, every MAM Portal User requires a Wallet Account to withdraw profits to. Whether they’re profits from trading fees, or profits generated for an Investor by a Manager, all of them must be withdrawn to a Wallet Account.

The primary function of a Wallet Account is to collect the fees generated by STM and FM Accounts. The fees that are collected by the Managers are decided by them for each FM or STM Account they are managing.

Fund Manager (left) and Social Trader Manager (right) fees are decided by the Account Manager

For increased functionality, a reporting system is integrated into the Fund Management page. This allows for Managers to see where their fees have been generated from and which of their strategies are the most effective.

All of this is supplied with liquidity from our top tier global banking (see our liquidity providers) partners to start spreads from 0.0 pips to give you the professional edge over your competition while you trade.

Wallet Account Key Features:

  • All withdrawals processed through one convenient point
  • Security of funds for all users, managers, investors, and followers
  • Historical revenue reports
  • Analysis tools to help identify most profitable trading strategies

The Wallet Account can have its funds withdrawn to your Bank Account by withdrawing from it on the Client Portal. For AML and compliance reasons, all withdrawals to Bank Accounts (or other payment methods) must be processed within the BlackBull Markets Client Portal.

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