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While BlackBull Markets strives to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience, we realise that sometimes assistance is needed. To provide our Clients with all the information they need to operate on our MAM Portal we have created this catalogue of Client user guides for our MAM Portal.

If you have a specific question, or would prefer to contact us directly, please do not hesitate to start a Live Chat with us or to send an email to us at

What is the BlackBull Markets MAM Platform

The BlackBull Markets MAM Platform is a MAM/PAMM/Copy Trader service provided by BlackBull to all Live Account holding clients.

It is run on BlackBull’s existing trading system, without any additional changes. The primary function of the Platform is to provide software to the users which enables them to copy the trades of a successful trade, or have a successful trade indirectly manage their funds.

Investors can choose to Invest or Follow (copy the trades) of any Fund Manager or Social Trading Manager they believe is worth allocating their funds to. There are no restrictions on stopping the investment or to stop following another user (there may be contract terminations fees if the Account Manager decides to use this feature, this is made clear to Investors BEFORE they invest).

Manager Accounts can have an unlimited amount of followers or investors, can set their fee structures however they see fit, analysis earnings reports, and can manage strategies all within the MAM Portal.

  • Convenient and fully integrated system
  • Allows for Fund Managers and Social Trading Managers to earn fees from profitable trading
  • Gives Investors the tools to effectively analyse and compare all Manager Accounts
  • Packed full of analytical feature for both Managers and for Investors

How to Create a MAM Platform Profile

To be able to create a MAM Platform Profile, you must already have a Live Account with BlackBull Markets. If you do not already have a Live Account with us, please click here to apply.

Creating a MAM Profile is a straight forward as filling out your name, email and country, you can do this here! As BlackBull Markets will process all ultimate withdrawals to your Bank Account or via other Payment Service Providers from your Client Portal, no further documents are required to create a MAM Profile. However, please ensure you use the same email address for your MAM Portal Profile as you did for your Client Portal Profile.

For more information about how to create a MAM Platform Profile please read our guide.

MAM Portal Account Types

There are three main Account types for the MAM Portal, along with a fourth Account type used as a Wallet Account.

The most common Account is an Investor Account, this allows User to allocate funds to a Manager Account of their choosing at the amount they chose.

Social Trading Manager Accounts are accounts that provide a copy trading functionality to the Manager and Followers. The fees for this account are typically per trade and subscription based. However, the Manager can set up the fees structures to their discretion.

Fund Manager Accounts are MAM/PAMM accounts. They can be MAM or PAMM depending on how the Manager decides to set the fees and how the Investor decide to Invest their funds into the Account. The fees for this account are management and performance based, using a high-water-mark calculation to determine performance fees. Additional fees may be implemented by the Fund Manager at their discretion (if you have agreed to a fee structure as an Investor, this structure will not change without you consenting).

  • Investor Account
  • Social Trading Manager Account
  • Fund Manager Account
  • Wallet Account

For more information about Account types please read our MAM Account Types guide.

How to connect MetaTrader4 Accounts to the MAM Portal

Once you have your MAM Portal Profile created you will need to connect an Investor Account. This Account will be converted into a FM Account or STM Account later, at your request, if you wish to be a Manager.

You create your Investor Account in your Client Portal, and then you will connect it to your MAM Portal Profile on the MAM Platform.

If you have a pre-existing MT4 Account that you would like to use as your Manager Account, you can connect this in the same way as you would connect your Investor Account. However, when the connection request is approved, it will automatically be made a Fund Manager Account (this can be changed at your request).

To connect your MT4 Account(s) to your MAM Profile, simply login and select “Add Account” in the left-hand menu, fill out the account details and submit your connection request. These are usually processed within 1 working day. Once approved, you will receive an email informing you of this, and you will be ready to begin allocating funds.

  • All MAM Account types are MT4 Accounts
  • Pre-existing MT4 Accounts can be used, but only as Manager Accounts
  • Investor Accounts are created in your Client Portal
  • Wallet Accounts are not needed until you want to withdraw profits. Investor Accounts can be converted into Wallet Accounts for ease of defunding

For more information on how to connect MT4 Accounts to your MAM Profile please read this guide.

How to Invest/Follow

For Investors on the MAM Portal, the most important feature for them is the ability to invest. All fund allocations to Manager Accounts are controlled within the MAM Platform in a straight forward interface.

User with multiple Investor Account will have to set their default Account to the Investor Account the wish to create allocation for. This can be done in the “My Accounts” page by selecting the “Default Account” button next to the Account you want to make the Allocation for.

To see a ranked list of all Fund Manager Accounts and Social Trading Manager Accounts that you can Invest in and Follow, you must select the “Find Fund” option in the left-hand menu. This generates a list of Fund Managers by default, this can be changed by selecting the “Social Trading Managers” tab, this will generate a ranked list of all Social Trading Managers available to Follow.

In both lists of Managers, on the right-hand side there will be a button saying “Invest in” or “Follow” depending on whether you are looking at Fund Managers or Social Trading Managers.

For more information about how to Invest or Follow Managers please read our “How to Invest/Follow guide.

How to create a Manager Account

Both Fund Manager and Social Trading Manager Accounts are created the same way, with the User deciding which Account type will be created.

While in the MAM Portal, select the “Launch Fund” button in the top right corner of the window. This is always visible on most MAM Portal pages, however, if it isn’t visible just return to your dashboard and it will be there.

Manager Accounts can be created out of Investor Accounts, or pre-existing MT4 Accounts. If you would like to use a pre-existing MT4 Account due to the historical data of successful trading, you can simply just request to connect the Account and we will turn it into a Fund Manager Account (or Social Trading Manager Account at your request, please email to request this.

  • Pre-existing MT4 Accounts can be used
  • Investor Accounts can be converted
  • Manager Accounts can be requested in the MAM Portal
  • Processed within 2 working days

For more information about creating a Manager Account for the MAM Platform please read this guide.

How to Trade as a Manager on the MAM Platform

Investor Accounts cannot trade. They are read only Accounts that the user can view in MT4, but cannot place positions or edit existing positions. This is in order to prevent Investors affecting trading strategies of the Manager Accounts they may be invested in.

Fund Manager Accounts and Social Trading Accounts are able to trade. The trading for these accounts is done the same way as every other MT4 Account of BlackBull Markets system. Just log into BlackBull Markets MT4 Platform using you Manager Account details, and you’re ready to go.

  • Investor Accounts are Read-only
  • Trading on Fund Manager and Social Trading Manager Accounts is done in BlackBull Markets MT4 Platform, just like a normal Trading Account
  • Positions cannot be opened on the MAM Platform, but can be edited

How to withdraw Manager fees from the MAM Portal

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