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Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk

Investor Account

There are three different Account Types that are available to you on our MAM Platform. These are Investor Accounts, Social Trading Manager Accounts, and Fund Manager Accounts. Investor Accounts are the most common Accounts, and allow users to Invest in and Follow Manager Accounts.

MAM Portal Investors will use their Investor Accounts “Invest” funds into Fund Managers, and “Follow” Social Trading Managers. The difference in terminology is because Fund Managers are MAM/PAMM Accounts which require a limited power of attorney agreement to be entered into before an Investor can Invest funds into the Fund Manager. Social Trading Managers on the other hand only have terms and conditions that Investors must agree to, this is because they facilitate copy trading instead of MAM/PAMM.

All allocations made by a Client on their Investor Account can be easily viewed and managed within their MAM Portal. We provide an in-depth break down of all current and previous allocations made, fees paid, and profits generated.

The MAM Portal has a ranking system and detailed performance analysis of all Manager Accounts. This available to Investors so that they can make the most informed decision possible before they allocate funds. The analysis tools provide graphs of Growth, Equity, Returns, VAMI, Volume, and Drawdown, amongst multiple other features.

Investor Account Key Features

  • Detailed performance analysis of Fund Managers and Social Trading Managers
  • Ability to allocate to multiple Managers
  • Fund allocation breakdown and historical reporting data
  • Integrated risk management functions
  • Up-to-date live reporting
  • Able to stop Investing or Following at any time

In order to assure peace of mind to all Investors, there is a built in Risk Management function that must be completed before any fund allocation can happen. Users can set different risk management levels on every allocation, allowing for different trading strategies to be taken into consideration.

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