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Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk

Fund Manager Account

Fund Manager Accounts (FMs) are used by Managers to charge fees to Investors on a performance, management, subscription, fixed, and/or per trade basis. FM Accounts function as both a MAM and PAMM, depending on how the Investor wishes to manage their investment.

Our fully integrated management interface allows FMs to view a myriad of information about their followers copying their trades. Included in this interface is the ability for FMs to withdraw their earnings from their successful trades that produced profits for their Investors, simply select the withdrawal option and the funds will be deposited into your Wallet Account.

For MAMs who have their own pre-existing clients, moving them over to BlackBull Markets MAM System couldn’t be easier. Our reporting system that is available to all FMs will also allow you to continue creating Client reports on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

FMs have a high degree of customisation when it comes to their fee structures and how they would like their Account to function. Multiple FM accounts can be used to manage multiple different strategies with different fee structures.

Commission structures and spreads that will be available to your followers during trading can also be customised. This can be discussed with your BlackBull Markets Account Manager and tailored to best suit your trading requirements.

Fund Manager Account Key Features

  • Comprehensive Management interface
  • Breakdown of all earnings information, allowing you to identify profitable strategies
  • Ability to decline investors
  • Exposure to BlackBull Markets Client base
  • Real-time access to performance monitoring and commission
  • Wallet Account to withdraw all trading fees to

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