Corporate Governance

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Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk

Legal Policies

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Privacy Policy

This explains how we collect your data, when and how we will use it, and most importantly, how we protect it and keep it secure.

Trading Terms of Service

This details the conditions of use regarding BlackBull Markets’ online products and services available through this website.

Financial Service Guide (FSG)

Our FSG informs our clients of what financial services we provide and how we conduct on business practises regarding them.

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Our PDS will explain to you the financial seriousness of the agreement that you are entering into when you sign up with BlackBull Markets. It provides information to you to allow you to better understand how to assess your financial position and whether or not you are capable sustaining a potential loss of your funds.

Trading Terms and Conditions

Just the normal Ts and Cs. We strongly encourage you read and understand this document fully, as with all the other listed on this page. There is important information regarding your term, termination and indemnity regarding your agreement with us.

Dispute Resolution Policy

This is how BlackBull Markets addresses and resolves any disputes that we may encounter with our clients. This policy details our internal and external disputes resolution procedure.

Risk Warning

The risk warning explains in explicit detail the risk of trading financial instruments on margin. This is very important for our clients to read because it can help them to personally assess whether they have the financial capacity to partake in Forex Trading.