How do you close a position in MT5?

As the name implies, closing your position will close and end the active trade or pending orders.

Position closing in MetaTrader 5 can be used on both instant trades and pending orders. It can be done using:

1.         Direct close button

2.         Close order options

3.         The close button on the open position window.

Closing a position in MetaTrader 5

To close a position in MetaTrader 5, there are 3 straightforward methods you can use:

  1. By using the “x” button or close position button located to the extreme right of the position details from the trade tab.

  1. Using the close position option from the menu — which can be done by right-clicking on the position and selecting the option.
  2. Using the open position window — from the trade tab, double click on the order or position you want to close, and it will open a new dialog or window. Click on “close” and your position will be closed.