Technology Overview


Trading Hardware

The data centres that BlackBull Markets use offer proven reliability, high availability, and multiple points of redundancy to ensure your trading is never interrupted. Our primary and backup infrastructure is housed in Equinix global data centres within the world’s largest multi-asset electronic trading ecosystem.

Servers across five strategic locations.

To maximise execution speed our servers are located as close as possible to the most important exchanges.

Server Locations

  • New York (NY4)
  • London (LD5)
  • Tokyo (TY3)
  • Shanghai (SH5)
  • Hong Kong

Trading Software

Our clients enjoy execution speeds uncommon outside of major investment banks. Our multiple fintech solutions, including a proprietary in-house trade-order aggregation software, ensures that trades are processed by the cheapest liquidity provider in our system at every instance.

We deliver clients the ultimate trading advantage

Latest operational hardware, software, and networking

  • Straight Through Processing (STP) for the quickest possible virtual route for your trade orders
  • Electronic Communication Network (ECN) for the fastest internal communication speeds

ECN Liquidity

We are a True ECN (Electronic Communication Network), bridging our clients directly to the markets.

Electronic Communication Network liquidity or ECN liquidity is integral to the service offered by BlackBull Markets. When combined with our aggregation system, our ECN ensures that our liquidity providers directly compete with each other to guarantee our clients the best trading experience.

Benefits of BlackBull Markets’ ECN Liquidity

  • Unrivalled depth of market (up to 100 lot trades per click at 1:500 leverage)
  • Very low spreads (from 0.0 pips)
  • ECN/STP prevents slippage and failed execution