Index and Stock CFD

BlackBull Markets offer access to all the major equity markets, and a wide range of US stocks.

Trade the most popular US Stocks via BlackBull Markets, including Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook.

Trade indices from major global exchanges, including the Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Footsie 100, ASX 200 and DAX 30.


Benefit from pre-market open and after-hours pricing on indices and shares to seize trading opportunities from all four corners of the globe.


Dividends on Indices & Equities

The Equity and Index markets may be subject to a Dividend adjustment to reflect that the underlying asset will open at a lower level post dividend date. When a Corporate Action takes place from an individual stock which is constituent of a stock index, BlackBull Markets will book the charge to the clients account to reflect the effect this corporate action has on the stock index.

The dividend will be paid/charged on a timely basis the next day, however as we are dependent upon notification from an external third party, BlackBull Markets should not be liable for the consequences of any delayed charges.