About us

About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

Index, and Shares

Index and Shares

BlackBull Markets offer CFDs (Contracts For Difference) on major US, Australian, Hong Kong, European shares and global indices.

CFD are agreements between a buyer and a seller that stipulates that one needs to pay the other the difference between the current price of an asset and the price at the time the contract was entered into. CFD’s allow investors the opportunity to trade assets without having to own the underlying asset.

Trade 2000+ popular Stocks, including Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook.

Trade indices from major global exchanges, including the Nasdaq100, S&P500, Footsie100, ASX200 and DAX30.

Dividends on Indices & Equities

The Equity and Index markets may be subject to a Dividend adjustment to reflect that the underlying asset will open at a lower level post dividend date. When a Corporate Action takes place from an individual stock which is constituent of a stock index, BlackBull Markets will book the charge to the clients account to reflect the effect this corporate action has on the stock index.

The dividend will be paid/charged on a timely basis the next day, however as we are dependent upon notification from an external third party, BlackBull Markets should not be liable for the consequences of any delayed charges.

Commission Structure

Share Class Comission percentage
Australia0.10% commission
New Zealand0.10% commission
USD0.02 cents per share
Europe0.10% commission
Hong Kong0.20% commission 

Applicable Equities

0005.HKHSBC (HK)HKDcfd index
0027.HKGalaxy Entertainment Group LimitedHKDcfd index
0386.HKChina Petrol & Chemical HHKDcfd index
0762.HKChina Unicom Hong KongHKDcfd index
0857.HKPetroChina HHKDcfd index
0941.HKChina MobileHKDcfd index
0960.HKLongfor Group Holdings LimitedHKDcfd index
0981.HKSMICHKDcfd index
0998.HKChina CITIC Bank Corporation LimitedHKDcfd index
1038.HKCheung Kong Property Holdings LtdHKDcfd index
1093.HKCSPC Pharmaceutical Group LimitedHKDcfd index
1113.HKCK Asset Holdings LimitedHKDcfd index
1177.HKSino Biopharmaceutical LimitedHKDcfd index
1211.HKBYD Company LimitedHKDcfd index
1288.HKAgricultural Bank of China LimitedHKDcfd index
1357.HKMeituHKDcfd index
1928.HKSands China Ltd.HKDcfd index
2007.HKCountry Garden Holdings Company LimitedHKDcfd index
2018.HKAAC TechnologiesHKDcfd index
2269.HKWuXi Biologics (Cayman) Inc.HKDcfd index
2333.HKGreat Wall Motor Company LimitedHKDcfd index
2382.HKSunny Optical TechHKDcfd index
360.AXLife360 IncAUDcfd index
3690.HKMeituanHKDcfd index
5EA.AX5E Advanced Materials IncAUDcfd index
6030.HKCITIC Securities Company LimitedHKDcfd index
9618.HKJD.com Inc.HKDcfd index
9888.HKBaidu IncHKDcfd index
99L.AX99 Loyalty LtdAUDcfd index
A.NAgilent TechnologiesUSDcfd index
A2B.AXA2B Australia LtdAUDcfd index
A2M.AXThe a2 Milk Company LimitedAUDcfd index
AA.NAlcoa CorporationUSDcfd index
AAC.AXAustralian AgriculturalAUDcfd index
AAL.LAnglo AmericanGBPcfd index
AAP.NAdvance Auto Parts IncUSDcfd index
AAT.NAmerican Assets Trust IncUSDcfd index
AAXJ.OQiShares MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan ETFUSDcfd index
ABB.AXAussie Broadband LtdAUDcfd index
ABBV.NAbbVie Inc.USDcfd index
ABC.AXAdbri LtdAUDcfd index
ABC.NAmerisourceBergen CorporationUSDcfd index
ABCB.OQAmeris BancorpUSDcfd index
ABEO.OQAbeona Therapeutics Inc.USDcfd index
ABEV.NAmBevUSDcfd index
ABM.NABM Industries IncUSDcfd index
ABNB.OQAirbnb Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
ABP.AXAbacus Property GroupAUDcfd index
ABR.NArbor Realty Trust IncUSDcfd index
ABT.NAbbott LaboratoriesUSDcfd index
ABUS.OQArbutus BiopharmaUSDcfd index
ABY.AXAdore Beauty Group LimitedAUDcfd index
ACAD.OQACADIA Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
ACB.OQAurora Cannabis Inc.USDcfd index
ACC.NAmerican Campus Communities InUSDcfd index
ACET.OAdicet Bio Inc.USDcfd index
ACI.NAlbertsons Companies Inc - Class AUSDcfd index
ACL.AXAustralian Clinical Labs LimitedAUDcfd index
ACLS.OQAxcelis Technologies IncUSDcfd index
ACM.NAECOM Technology CorpUSDcfd index
ACMR.OQACM Research IncUSDcfd index
ACN.NAccentureUSDcfd index
ACP.NAberdeen Income Credit Strategies FundUSDcfd index
ACR.AXAcruxAUDcfd index
ACRX.OQAcelRx Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
AD8.AXAudinate Group LtdAUDcfd index
ADAG.OQAdagene Inc ADRUSDcfd index
ADAP.OQAdaptimmune Therapeutics PLCUSDcfd index
ADC.NAgree Realty CorpUSDcfd index
ADES.OQAdvanced Emissions Solutions IncUSDcfd index
ADGI.OQAdagio Therapeutics Inc.USDcfd index
ADH.AXAdairs LimitedAUDcfd index
ADI.OQAnalog Devices Inc.USDcfd index
ADM.NArcher Daniels MidlandUSDcfd index
ADMP.OQAdamis Pharmaceuticals CorpUSDcfd index
ADN.OQAdvent Technologies Holdings IncUSDcfd index
ADNT.NAdient PLCUSDcfd index
ADP.OQAutomatic Data Processing Inc.USDcfd index
ADPT.OQAdaptive BiotechnologiesUSDcfd index
ADSK.OQAutodesk Inc.USDcfd index
ADT.NADT Inc.USDcfd index
ADTH.OQAdTheorent Holding Company IncUSDcfd index
ADUS.OQAddus Homecare CorpUSDcfd index
ADV.OQAdvantage Solutions IncUSDcfd index
ADVM.OQAdverum Biotechnologies IncUSDcfd index
ADX.NAdams Express CoUSDcfd index
AE.AAdams Resources & Energy IncUSDcfd index
AEE.NAmerenUSDcfd index
AEF.AXAustralian Ethical Investment LtdAUDcfd index
AEG.NAegon NVUSDcfd index
AEHR.OQAehr Test SystemsUSDcfd index
AEM.NAgnico Eagle Mines Ltd (US)USDcfd index
AENZ.NAenza SAAUSDcfd index
AEO.NAmerican Eagle OutfittersUSDcfd index
AEP.OQAmerican Electric Power Company Inc.USDcfd index
AER.NAerCap Holdings NVUSDcfd index
AES.NThe AES CorpUSDcfd index
AFG.AXAustralian Finance Group LtdAUDcfd index
AFG.NAmerican Financial Group Inc/OUSDcfd index
AFI.AXAustralian Foundation InvestmentAUDcfd index
AFL.NAflac Inc (US)USDcfd index
AFMD.OQAffimed N.V.USDcfd index
AFRM.OQAffirm Holdings Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
AFYA.OQAfya LtdUSDcfd index
AG.NFirst Majestic Silver Corp.USDcfd index
AGCO.NAGCO CorpUSDcfd index
AGEN.OQAgenus IncUSDcfd index
AGI.AXAinsworth Game TechnologyAUDcfd index
AGI.NAlamos Gold Inc (US)USDcfd index
AGL.AXAGL EnergyAUDcfd index
AGLE.OQAeglea BioTherapeutics Inc.USDcfd index
AGNC.OQAmerican Capital Agency CorpUSDcfd index
AGR.NAvangrid IncUSDcfd index
AGRO.NAdecoagro SAUSDcfd index
AGRX.OQAgile Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
AHCO.OQAdapthealth CorpUSDcfd index
AHG.OQAkso Health GroupUSDcfd index
AIA.AXAuckland International Airport LtdAUDcfd index
AIKI.OQAikido Pharma IncUSDcfd index
AIN.NAlbany International CorpUSDcfd index
AIRG.OQAirgain IncUSDcfd index
AIRS.OQAirSculpt Technologies Inc.USDcfd index
AIV.NApartment Investment & ManagementUSDcfd index
AIZ.NAssurantUSDcfd index
AJG.NArthur J Gallagher & CoUSDcfd index
AJRD.NAerojet Rocketdyne Holdings IncUSDcfd index
AKE.AXAllkem LtdAUDcfd index
AKR.NAcadia Realty TrustUSDcfd index
AKRO.OQAkero Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
AKTS.OQAkoustis Technologies IncUSDcfd index
AKTX.OQAkari Therapeutics PLCUSDcfd index
AKUS.OQAkouos IncUSDcfd index
AKYA.OQAkoya Biosciences Inc.USDcfd index
AL.NAir Lease CorpUSDcfd index
ALB.NAlbemarle CorporationUSDcfd index
ALBO.OQAlbireo Pharma IncUSDcfd index
ALC.AXAlcidion Group LtdAUDcfd index
ALC.NAlcon Inc (US)USDcfd index
ALD.AXAmpol LtdAUDcfd index
ALDX.OQAldeyra Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
ALEC.OQAlector IncUSDcfd index
ALEX.NAlexander & Baldwin IncUSDcfd index
ALG.AXArdent Leisure Group LimitedAUDcfd index
ALG.NAlamo Group IncUSDcfd index
ALGN.OQAlign Technology Inc.USDcfd index
ALK.AXAlkane Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
ALK.NAlaska Air Group IncUSDcfd index
ALL.AXAristocrat LeisureAUDcfd index
ALLE.NAllegion PLCUSDcfd index
ALLY.NAlly Financial IncUSDcfd index
ALNY.OQAlnylam Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
ALPN.OQAlpine Immune Sciences IncUSDcfd index
ALRM.OQAlarm.com Holdings IncUSDcfd index
ALRN.OQAileron Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
ALRS.OQAlerus Financial CorpUSDcfd index
ALT.OQAltimmune IncUSDcfd index
ALTG.NAlta Equipment Group IncUSDcfd index
ALU.AXAltiumAUDcfd index
ALVR.OQAllovir IncUSDcfd index
ALX.AXAtlas Arteria LtdAUDcfd index
ALX.NAlexander's IncUSDcfd index
AM.NAntero Midstream Partners LPUSDcfd index
AMAT.OQApplied Materials Inc.USDcfd index
AMBA.OQAmbarella IncUSDcfd index
AMC.AXAmcor PLC (AU)AUDcfd index
AMCR.NAmcor PLCUSDcfd index
AMD.OQAdvanced Micro Devices Inc.USDcfd index
AMED.OQAmedisys IncUSDcfd index
AMG.NAffiliated Managers Group IncUSDcfd index
AMGN.OQAmgen Inc.USDcfd index
AMH.NAmerican Homes 4 RentUSDcfd index
AMI.AXAurelia Metals Ltd.AUDcfd index
AMLP.PAlerian MLP ETFUSDcfd index
AMP.AXAMP LimitedAUDcfd index
AMP.NAmeriprise Financial Inc.USDcfd index
AMR.NAlpha MetallurgiUSDcfd index
AMRC.NAmeresco IncUSDcfd index
AMRN.OQAmarin Corp PLCUSDcfd index
AMRS.OQAmyris IncUSDcfd index
AMRX.NAmneal PharmaceuticalsUSDcfd index
AMS.Sams AGCHFcfd index
AMT.NAmerican Tower Corporation (REIT)USDcfd index
AMTX.OQAemetis IncUSDcfd index
AMWL.NAmerican Well CorpUSDcfd index
AMX.NAmerica MovilUSDcfd index
AN.NAutoNationUSDcfd index
ANDE.OQAndersons Inc/TheUSDcfd index
ANET.NArista Networks IncUSDcfd index
ANF.NAbercrombie & Fitch Co.USDcfd index
ANG.AXAustin EngineeringAUDcfd index
ANGI.OQANGI Homeservices IncUSDcfd index
ANN.AXAnsell LimitedAUDcfd index
ANTE.OQAirnet Technology IncUSDcfd index
ANZ.AXAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group LimitedAUDcfd index
AOD.NAberdeen Total Dynamic Dividend FundUSDcfd index
AON.NAon PlcUSDcfd index
AOS.NAO Smith CorpUSDcfd index
APA.OQAPA CorpUSDcfd index
APD.NAir ProductsUSDcfd index
APE.AXAP Eagers LtdAUDcfd index
APH.NAmphenol CorporationUSDcfd index
APO.NApollo Global Management IncUSDcfd index
APPF.OQAppFolio IncUSDcfd index
APPN.OQAppian Corporation Class AUSDcfd index
APRN.NBlue Apron Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
APT.AAlpha Pro Tech LtdUSDcfd index
APTV.NAptiv PLCUSDcfd index
APX.AXAppen LtdAUDcfd index
APZ.AXAspenAUDcfd index
AQUA.NEvoqua Water Technologies CorpUSDcfd index
AR.NAntero Resources CorpUSDcfd index
ARAY.OQAccuray IncUSDcfd index
ARB.AXARB Corporation LimitedAUDcfd index
ARCC.OQAres Capital CorpUSDcfd index
ARCH.NArch Coal IncUSDcfd index
ARCO.NArcos Dorados Holdings IncUSDcfd index
ARCT.OQArcturus Therapeutics Holdings IncUSDcfd index
ARE.NAlexandria Real Estate EquitieUSDcfd index
ARF.AXArena REITAUDcfd index
ARG.AXArgo InvestmentsAUDcfd index
ARGO.NArgo Group International HoldingsUSDcfd index
ARKF.PARK Fintech Innovation ETFUSDcfd index
ARKG.ZARK Genomic Revolution ETFUSDcfd index
ARKK.PARK Innovation ETFUSDcfd index
ARKQ.ZARK Autonomous Techonology & RoboticsUSDcfd index
ARMK.NAramark CorpUSDcfd index
ARNC.NArconic CorpUSDcfd index
AROC.NArchrock IncUSDcfd index
ARR.NARMOUR Residential REIT IncUSDcfd index
ART.AXAirtasker LtdAUDcfd index
ARW.NArrow Electronics IncUSDcfd index
ARWR.OQArrowhead Research CorpUSDcfd index
ASAN.NAsana Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
ASB.AXAustalAUDcfd index
ASH.NAshlandUSDcfd index
ASIX.NAdvanSix Inc.USDcfd index
ASM.AXAustralian Strategic Materials LtdAUDcfd index
ASTE.OQAstec Industries IncUSDcfd index
ASX.AXASX LimitedAUDcfd index
ASX.NASE Industrial HoldingUSDcfd index
ATEC.OQAlphatec Holdings IncUSDcfd index
ATGE.NAdtalem Global Education IncUSDcfd index
ATHX.OQAthersys IncUSDcfd index
ATI.NAllegheny TechnologiesUSDcfd index
ATNX.OQAthenex IncUSDcfd index
ATO.NAtmos Energy CorpUSDcfd index
ATRA.OQAtara Biotherapeutics IncUSDcfd index
ATRS.OQAntares Pharma IncUSDcfd index
ATSG.OQAir Transport Services Group IncUSDcfd index
ATUS.NAltice USA IncUSDcfd index
AU.NAngloGold Ashanti Ltd (US)USDcfd index
AUB.AXAustbrokers HoldingsAUDcfd index
AUD.NAudacy IncUSDcfd index
AUY.NYamana Gold Inc (US)USDcfd index
AVAV.OQAerovironment IncUSDcfd index
AVB.NAvalonBay CommunitiesUSDcfd index
AVD.NAmerican Vanguard CorpUSDcfd index
AVGO.OQBroadcom Inc.USDcfd index
AVH.AXAvita Therapeutics Inc.AUDcfd index
AVID.OQAvid Technology IncUSDcfd index
AVK.NAdvent Claymore Convertible Securities and Income FundUSDcfd index
AVLR.NAvalara IncUSDcfd index
AVT.OQAvnet IncUSDcfd index
AVTR.NAvantor IncUSDcfd index
AVXL.OQAnavex Life Sciences CorpUSDcfd index
AVY.NAvery DennisonUSDcfd index
AWC.AXAlumina LimitedAUDcfd index
AWK.NAmerican Water Works Co IncUSDcfd index
AWP.NAberdeen Global Premier Properties FundUSDcfd index
AX.NAxos Financial IncUSDcfd index
AX1.AXAccent Group LtdAUDcfd index
AXGN.OQAxoGen IncUSDcfd index
AXL.NAmerican Axle & ManufacturingUSDcfd index
AXON.OQAxon Enterprise IncUSDcfd index
AXS.NAxis Capital Holdings LtdUSDcfd index
AXSM.OQAxsome Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
AXTA.NAxalta Coating Systems LtdUSDcfd index
AY.OQAtlantica Yield PLCUSDcfd index
AYI.NAcuity Brands IncUSDcfd index
AYTU.OQAytu BioScience IncUSDcfd index
AYX.NAlteryx IncUSDcfd index
AZJ.AXAurizon HoldingsAUDcfd index
AZN.LAstraZeneca PLCGBPcfd index
AZN.OQAstraZeneca (US)USDcfd index
AZO.NAutoZone IncUSDcfd index
AZPN.OQAspen Technology IncUSDcfd index
AZUL.NAzul SA ADRUSDcfd index
BAH.NBooz Allen Hamilton Holding CoUSDcfd index
BAM.NBrookfield Asset Management Inc.USDcfd index
BAP.AXBapcor LimitedAUDcfd index
BARC.LBarclays PLCGBPcfd index
BAX.NBaxterUSDcfd index
BB.NBlackBerry LimitedUSDcfd index
BBAR.NBBVA Argentina SAUSDcfd index
BBBY.OQBed Bath & Beyond Inc.USDcfd index
BBD.NBanco BradescoUSDcfd index
BBH.OQMarket Vectors Biotech ETFUSDcfd index
BBIG.OQVinco Ventures Inc.USDcfd index
BBIO.OQBridgeBio PharmaUSDcfd index
BBN.AXBaby Bunting Group LimitedAUDcfd index
BBW.NBuild-A-Bear Workshop IncUSDcfd index
BC.NBrunswick Corp/DEUSDcfd index
BCO.NBrink's Co/TheUSDcfd index
BCOR.OQBlucora IncUSDcfd index
BCRX.OQBioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc.USDcfd index
BCS.NBarclays (US)USDcfd index
BDC.NBelden IncUSDcfd index
BDJ.NBlackRock Enhanced Equity Dividend TrustUSDcfd index
BDN.NBrandywine Realty TrustUSDcfd index
BDX.NBecton DickinsonUSDcfd index
BE.NBloom Energy Corporation Class AUSDcfd index
BEN.AXBendigo and Adelaide Bank LimitedAUDcfd index
BERY.NBerry Plastics Group IncUSDcfd index
BEST.NBEST IncUSDcfd index
BET.AXBetmakers Technology Group LtdAUDcfd index
BFAM.NBright Horizons Family Solutions IncUSDcfd index
BFb.NBrown-Forman Corp - BUSDcfd index
BFH.NBread Financial Holdings IncUSDcfd index
BG.NBungeUSDcfd index
BGA.AXBega Cheese LtdAUDcfd index
BGCP.OQBGC Partners IncUSDcfd index
BGL.AXBellevue Gold LtdAUDcfd index
BGRY.OQBerkshire Grey IncUSDcfd index
BHF.OQBrighthouse Financial IncUSDcfd index
BHLB.NBerkshire Hills Bancorp IncUSDcfd index
BHP.AXBHP GroupAUDcfd index
BHPB.LBHP GroupGBPcfd index
BIG.NBig LotsUSDcfd index
BIIB.OQBiogen Inc.USDcfd index
BILI.OQBilibili Inc. (US)USDcfd index
BIO.NBio-Rad Laboratories IncUSDcfd index
BIP.NBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (US)USDcfd index
BIRD.OQAllbirds Inc.USDcfd index
BJ.NBJ's Wholesale Club Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
BKD.NBrookdale Senior Living IncUSDcfd index
BKI.AXBKI InvestmentAUDcfd index
BKL.AXBlackmores LimitedAUDcfd index
BKW.AXBrickworksAUDcfd index
BLD.AXBoral LimitedAUDcfd index
BLFS.OQBiolife Solutions IncUSDcfd index
BLL.NBall CorporationUSDcfd index
BLMN.OQBloomin' Brands IncUSDcfd index
BLNK.OQBlink Charging Co.USDcfd index
BLUE.OQBluebird Bio IncUSDcfd index
BLX.AXBeacon Lighting Group LtdAUDcfd index
BLY.AXBoart LongyearAUDcfd index
BMI.NBadger Meter IncUSDcfd index
BMO.NBank of MontrealUSDcfd index
BMRN.OQBioMarin Pharmaceutical IncUSDcfd index
BMY.NBristol MyersUSDcfd index
BNGO.OQBionano Genomics Inc.USDcfd index
BNTX.OQBioNTech SEUSDcfd index
BOOT.NBoot Barn HoldingsUSDcfd index
BOQ.AXBank of Queensland LimitedAUDcfd index
BOX.NBox IncUSDcfd index
BP.LBPGBPcfd index
BPMC.OQBlueprint Medicines CorpUSDcfd index
BPT.AXBeach EnergyAUDcfd index
BR.NBroadridge Financial SolutionsUSDcfd index
BRG.AXBreville GroupAUDcfd index
BRKR.OQBruker CorpUSDcfd index
BRN.AXBrainchip HoldingsAUDcfd index
BRO.NBrown & Brown IncUSDcfd index
BRU.AXBuru EnergyAUDcfd index
BRX.NBrixmor Property Group IncUSDcfd index
BSAC.NBanco Santander ChileUSDcfd index
BSL.AXBlueScope Steel LimitedAUDcfd index
BSRR.OQSierra BancorpUSDcfd index
BSX.NBoston Scientific CorporationUSDcfd index
BSY.OQBentley Systems IncUSDcfd index
BTI.NBritish American Tobacco p.l.c.USDcfd index
BUD.NAnheuser Busch Inbev NV - ADRUSDcfd index
BURL.NBurlington Stores IncUSDcfd index
BVS.AXBravura SolutionsAUDcfd index
BW.NBabcock & Wilcox Enterprises IncUSDcfd index
BWA.NBorgWarnerUSDcfd index
BWP.AXBunnings Warehouse Property TrustAUDcfd index
BWX.AXBWX LtdAUDcfd index
BX.NThe Blackstone Group Inc.USDcfd index
BXB.AXBramblesAUDcfd index
BXMT.NBlackstone Mortgage Trust IncUSDcfd index
BXP.NBoston PropertiesUSDcfd index
BYD.NBoyd Gaming CorpUSDcfd index
BYND.OQBeyond Meat Inc.USDcfd index
BZFD.OQBuzzFeed IncUSDcfd index
BZUN.OQBaozun IncUSDcfd index
CACC.OQCredit Acceptance CorpUSDcfd index
CADE.NCadence BankUSDcfd index
CAG.NConagra BrandsUSDcfd index
CAH.NCardinal HealthUSDcfd index
CAJ.AXCapitol Health LtdAUDcfd index
CAKE.OQCheesecake Factory Inc/TheUSDcfd index
CAL.NCaleres IncUSDcfd index
CALX.NCalix IncUSDcfd index
CAMP.OQCalAmp CorpUSDcfd index
CAN.OQCanaan IncUSDcfd index
CAPL.NCrossAmerica Partners LPUSDcfd index
CAR.AXcarsales.comAUDcfd index
CAR.OQAvis Budget Group Inc.USDcfd index
CARA.OQCara TherapeuticsUSDcfd index
CARG.OQCarGurus IncUSDcfd index
CARR.NCarrier Global CorpUSDcfd index
CARS.NCars.com Inc.USDcfd index
CAS.NCascade Acquisition CorpUSDcfd index
CASA.OQCasa Systems Inc.USDcfd index
CASS.OQCass Information Systems IncUSDcfd index
CASY.OQCasey's General Stores IncUSDcfd index
CAT.NCaterpillar Inc.USDcfd index
CATO.NThe Cato CorporationUSDcfd index
CATY.OQCathay General BancorpUSDcfd index
CB.NChubb LimitedUSDcfd index
CBA.AXCommonwealth Bank of AustraliaAUDcfd index
CBAN.OQColony Bankcorp IncUSDcfd index
CBAY.OQCymaBay Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
CBD.NCompanhia Brasileira de DistribuicaoUSDcfd index
CBOE.ZCBOE Holdings IncUSDcfd index
CBRE.NCBRE GroupUSDcfd index
CBRL.OQCracker Barrel Old Country StoUSDcfd index
CBU.NCommunity Bank System IncUSDcfd index
CC.NChemoursUSDcfd index
CCI.NCrown Castle International Corp. (REIT)USDcfd index
CCJ.NCameco CorporationUSDcfd index
CCK.NCrown Holdings IncUSDcfd index
CCL.NCarnival Corporation & plcUSDcfd index
CCO.NClear Channel Outdoor HoldingsUSDcfd index
CCP.AXCredit Corp Group LimitedAUDcfd index
CCU.NCia Cervecerias Unidas SAUSDcfd index
CCV.AXCash ConvertersAUDcfd index
CDA.AXCodan LimitedAUDcfd index
CDAY.NCeridian HCM Holding IncUSDcfd index
CDD.AXCardnoAUDcfd index
CDE.NCoeur d'Alene Mines CorpUSDcfd index
CDEV.OQCentennial Resource Development IncUSDcfd index
CDLX.OQCardlytics IncUSDcfd index
CDM.AXCadence Capital LtdAUDcfd index
CDNS.OQCadence DesignUSDcfd index
CDR.NCedar Realty Trust Inc.USDcfd index
CDW.OQCDW Corp/DEUSDcfd index
CDXS.OQCodexis Inc.USDcfd index
CE.NCelanese CorpUSDcfd index
CECE.OQCECO Environmental Corp.USDcfd index
CELC.OQCelcuity Inc.USDcfd index
CELH.OQCelsius Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
CELU.OQCelularity IncUSDcfd index
CEN.NCenter Coast MLP & Infrastructure FundUSDcfd index
CENN.OQCenntro Electric Group LtdUSDcfd index
CEQP.NCrestwood Equity Partners LPUSDcfd index
CERN.OQCernerUSDcfd index
CERS.OQCerus CorpUSDcfd index
CF.NCF IndustriesUSDcfd index
CFG.NCitizens Financial Group IncUSDcfd index
CFRX.OQContraFect CorpUSDcfd index
CG.OQCarlyle Group Inc/TheUSDcfd index
CGC.AXCosta Group Holdings LtdAUDcfd index
CGC.OQCanopy Growth CorporationUSDcfd index
CGF.AXChallenger FinanAUDcfd index
CGNX.OQCognex CorpUSDcfd index
CHC.AXCharter Hall GroupAUDcfd index
CHD.NChurch & Dwight Co IncUSDcfd index
CHDN.OQChurchill Downs IncUSDcfd index
CHE.NChemed CorpUSDcfd index
CHEF.OQChefs' Warehouse Inc/TheUSDcfd index
CHGG.NChegg Inc.USDcfd index
CHI.OQCalamos Convertible Opportunities and Income FundUSDcfd index
CHKP.OQCheck Point Software TechnologiesUSDcfd index
CHN.AXChalice Mining LimitedAUDcfd index
CHPT.NChargePoint Holdings IncUSDcfd index
CHRS.OQCoherus Biosciences IncUSDcfd index
CHRW.OQCH Robinson WorldwideUSDcfd index
CHS.NChico's FAS IncUSDcfd index
CHTR.OQCharter Communications Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
CHWY.NChewy Inc.USDcfd index
CI.NCigna CorporationUSDcfd index
CIA.AXChampion Iron LtdAUDcfd index
CIBR.OQFirst Trust Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETFUSDcfd index
CIEN.NCienaUSDcfd index
CIG.NCompanhia Energetica De Minas Gerais CemigUSDcfd index
CIM.NChimera Investment CorpUSDcfd index
CINF.OQCincinnati FinancialUSDcfd index
CIP.AXCenturia Industrial REITAUDcfd index
CKF.AXCollins Foods LtdAUDcfd index
CL.NColgate PalmoliveUSDcfd index
CLBT.OQCellebrite DI LtdUSDcfd index
CLDT.NChatham Lodging TrustUSDcfd index
CLDX.OQCelldex Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
CLF.NCleveland-Cliffs Inc.USDcfd index
CLMT.OQCalumet Specialty Products ParUSDcfd index
CLNE.OQClean Energy Fuels Corp.USDcfd index
CLR.NContinental Resources Inc/OKUSDcfd index
CLRB.OQCellectar Biosciences Inc.USDcfd index
CLS.NCelestica Inc.USDcfd index
CLSK.OQCleanSpark Inc.USDcfd index
CLSN.OQCelsion CorporationUSDcfd index
CLVS.OQClovis Oncology Inc.USDcfd index
CLW.AXCharter Hall Long Wale REITAUDcfd index
CLX.NThe Clorox CompanyUSDcfd index
CMA.NComericaUSDcfd index
CMC.NCommercial Metals CoUSDcfd index
CMCL.KCaledonia Mining Corporation PLCUSDcfd index
CME.OQCME Group Inc.USDcfd index
CMG.NChipotle Mexican Grill Inc.USDcfd index
CMI.NCumminsUSDcfd index
CMRE.NCostamare IncUSDcfd index
CMS.NCMS EnergyUSDcfd index
CMTL.OQComtech Telecommunications CorUSDcfd index
CMW.AXCromwellAUDcfd index
CNC.NCentene CorpUSDcfd index
CNCE.OQConcert Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
CNDT.OQConduent IncUSDcfd index
CNHI.NCNH Industrial (US)USDcfd index
CNI.AXCenturia Capital LtdAUDcfd index
CNK.NCinemark Holdings IncUSDcfd index
CNO.NCNO Financial Group IncUSDcfd index
CNP.NCenterPoint EnergyUSDcfd index
CNR.NCornerstone Building Brands IncUSDcfd index
CNU.AXChorus Ltd (AUS)AUDcfd index
CNX.NCNX Resources CorpUSDcfd index
CO.NGlobal Cord Blood CorpUSDcfd index
CODX.OQCo-Diagnostics IncUSDcfd index
COE.AXCooper Energy LtdAUDcfd index
COF.AXCenturia Office REITAUDcfd index
COF.NCapital One Financial CorporationUSDcfd index
COH.AXCochlearAUDcfd index
COIN.OQCoinbase GlobalUSDcfd index
COL.AXColes Group LimitedAUDcfd index
COLD.NAmericold Realty TrustUSDcfd index
COMM.OQCommScope Holding Co IncUSDcfd index
CONG.DEContinental AGEURcfd index
CONN.OQConn's IncUSDcfd index
COO.NCooper Cos Inc/TheUSDcfd index
COP.NConocoPhillipsUSDcfd index
CORR.NCorEnergy Infrastructure Trust IncUSDcfd index
COTY.NCoty Inc.USDcfd index
COUP.OQCoupa Software IncorporatedUSDcfd index
COUR.NCoursera Inc.USDcfd index
CPA.NCopa Holdings SAUSDcfd index
CPAC.NCementos Pacasmayo S.A.A.USDcfd index
CPB.NCampbell SoupUSDcfd index
CPE.NCallon Petroleum CompanyUSDcfd index
CPRI.NCapri Holdings LtdUSDcfd index
CPRT.OQCopart IncUSDcfd index
CPRX.OQCatalyst Pharmaceutical Partners IncUSDcfd index
CPT.NCamden Property TrustUSDcfd index
CPU.AXComputershareAUDcfd index
CQE.AXCharter Hall Social Infrastructure REITAUDcfd index
CQP.ACheniere Energy Partners LPUSDcfd index
CQR.AXCharter Hall Retail REITAUDcfd index
CRBP.OQCorbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings IncUSDcfd index
CRDb.NCrawford & CoUSDcfd index
CRI.NCarter's IncUSDcfd index
CRIS.OQCuris IncUSDcfd index
CRK.NComstock Resources IncUSDcfd index
CRL.NCharles River Laboratories IntUSDcfd index
CRMD.OQCorMedix IncUSDcfd index
CRNT.OQCeragon Networks LtdUSDcfd index
CROX.OQCrocs Inc.USDcfd index
CRSP.OQCRISPR Therapeutics AGUSDcfd index
CRSR.OQCorsair Gaming Inc.USDcfd index
CRUS.OQCirrus Logic IncUSDcfd index
CRWD.OQCrowdStrike Holdings Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
CS.NCredit Suisse Group AGUSDcfd index
CSGN.SCredit SuisseCHFcfd index
CSGP.OQCoStar Group IncUSDcfd index
CSIQ.OQCanadian Solar IncUSDcfd index
CSL.AXCSL LimitedAUDcfd index
CSR.NCenterspaceUSDcfd index
CST.AXCastile Resources Pty LtdAUDcfd index
CSTL.OQCastle Biosciences IncUSDcfd index
CSX.OQCSX CorporationUSDcfd index
CTAS.OQCintasUSDcfd index
CTD.AXCorporate Travel Management LimitedAUDcfd index
CTKB.OQCytek Biosciences IncUSDcfd index
CTLT.NCatalent IncUSDcfd index
CTRM.OQCastor Maritime Inc. Common SharesUSDcfd index
CTSH.OQCognizant TechUSDcfd index
CTT.AXCettire LtdAUDcfd index
CTT.NCatchMark Timber Trust IncUSDcfd index
CTVA.NCorteva IncUSDcfd index
CTXS.OQCitrix Systems Inc.USDcfd index
CUBE.NCubeSmartUSDcfd index
CUK.NCarnival Corporation & plcUSDcfd index
CUV.AXClinuvel Pharmaceuticals LtdAUDcfd index
CUZ.NCousins Properties IncUSDcfd index
CVAC.OQCureVac N.V.USDcfd index
CVCO.OQCavco Industries Inc.USDcfd index
CVE.NCenovus Energy IncUSDcfd index
CVI.NCVR Energy IncUSDcfd index
CVN.AXCarnarvon Energy LtdAUDcfd index
CVNA.NCarvana Co.USDcfd index
CW.NCurtiss-Wright CorpUSDcfd index
CWCO.OQConsolidated Water Co LtdUSDcfd index
CWEN.NClearway Energy IncUSDcfd index
CWP.AXCedar Woods PropertiesAUDcfd index
CWST.OQCasella Waste Systems IncUSDcfd index
CWT.NCalifornia Water Service GroupUSDcfd index
CWY.AXCleanaway Waste ManagementAUDcfd index
CXO.AXCore Lithium LtdAUDcfd index
CYBR.OQCyberArk Software Ltd/IsraelUSDcfd index
CYH.NCommunity Health Systems IncUSDcfd index
CYTK.OQCytokinetics IncUSDcfd index
CZOO.NCazoo Group LtdUSDcfd index
CZR.OQCaesars Entertainment CorpUSDcfd index
D.NDominion Energy Inc.USDcfd index
DAN.NDana Holding CorpUSDcfd index
DAR.NDarling International IncUSDcfd index
DASH.NDoorDash Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
DAVE.OQDave IncUSDcfd index
DAWN.OQDay One Biopharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
DB.NDeutsche Bank AG (US)USDcfd index
DBA.PInvesco DB Agriculture FundUSDcfd index
DBD.NDiebold IncUSDcfd index
DBI.NDesigner Brands IncUSDcfd index
DBRG.NDigitalBridge Group IncUSDcfd index
DCG.AXDecmil GroupAUDcfd index
DCI.NDonaldson Company Inc.USDcfd index
DD.NDuPont de Nemours IncUSDcfd index
DDD.N3D Systems CorporationUSDcfd index
DDOG.OQDatadog Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
DDR.AXDicker Data LtdAUDcfd index
DDS.NDillard'sUSDcfd index
DE.NDeere & CompanyUSDcfd index
DECK.NDeckers Outdoor CorpUSDcfd index
DEI.NDouglas Emmett IncUSDcfd index
DELL.NDell Technologies Inc. Class CUSDcfd index
DEN.NDenbury IncUSDcfd index
DENN.OQDenny's CorpUSDcfd index
DEO.NDiageo plcUSDcfd index
DG.NDollar General CorporationUSDcfd index
DGX.NQuest DiagnosticsUSDcfd index
DHG.AXDomain HoldingsAUDcfd index
DHI.ND.R. Horton Inc.USDcfd index
DHR.NDanaher CorporationUSDcfd index
DHT.NDHT Holdings IncUSDcfd index
DIA.PSPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF TrustUSDcfd index
DIN.NDineEquity IncUSDcfd index
DISCK.OQDiscovery Communications IncUSDcfd index
DISH.OQDISH Network Corporation Class AUSDcfd index
DJW.AXDjerriwarrh InvestmentsAUDcfd index
DK.NDelek US Holdings IncUSDcfd index
DKNG.OQDraftKings Inc.USDcfd index
DKS.NDICK'S Sporting Goods Inc.USDcfd index
DLR.NDigital Realty Trust IncUSDcfd index
DMP.AXDomino's Pizza Enterprises LimitedAUDcfd index
DNA.AXDonaco International LtdAUDcfd index
DNOW.NNOW IncUSDcfd index
DOCU.OQDocuSign Inc.USDcfd index
DOM.LDomino UK & IRLGBPcfd index
DOMO.OQDomo IncUSDcfd index
DOV.NDoverUSDcfd index
DOW.AXDowner EdiAUDcfd index
DOW.NDow Inc.USDcfd index
DOX.OQAmdocs LtdUSDcfd index
DOYU.OQDouYu International Holdings Ltd - ADRUSDcfd index
DPZ.NDomino's Pizza Inc.USDcfd index
DRE.NDuke Realty CorpUSDcfd index
DRH.NDiamondRock Hospitality CoUSDcfd index
DRI.NDarden RestaurantsUSDcfd index
DRIV.OQGlobal x Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETFUSDcfd index
DS.NDrive Shack IncUSDcfd index
DT.NDynatrace Inc.USDcfd index
DTE.NDTE EnergyUSDcfd index
DTIL.OQPrecision Biosciences IncUSDcfd index
DUK.NDuke Energy Corporation (Holding Company)USDcfd index
DVA.NDaVitaUSDcfd index
DVAX.OQDynavax Technologies CorporationUSDcfd index
DVN.NDevon Energy CorporationUSDcfd index
DVY.OQiShares Select Dividend ETFUSDcfd index
DX.NDynex Capital IncUSDcfd index
DXC.NDXC TechnologiesUSDcfd index
DXCM.OQDexCom Inc.USDcfd index
DXI.AXDexus Industria REITAUDcfd index
DXS.AXDexus PropertyAUDcfd index
EA.OQElectronic Arts Inc.USDcfd index
EAT.NBrinker International IncUSDcfd index
EB.NEventbrite Inc.USDcfd index
EBET.OQeSports Technologies Inc.USDcfd index
EBS.NEmergent Biosolutions IncUSDcfd index
EC.NEcopetrol SAUSDcfd index
ECL.NEcolabUSDcfd index
ECX.AXEclipx Group LtdAUDcfd index
ED.NConsol EdisonUSDcfd index
EDIT.OQEditas Medicine Inc.USDcfd index
EDU.NNew Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc.USDcfd index
EDV.AXEndeavour Group LimitedAUDcfd index
EEFT.OQEuronet Worldwide IncUSDcfd index
EEM.PiShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (US)USDcfd index
EEX.NEmerald Holding Inc.USDcfd index
EFX.NEquifaxUSDcfd index
EGAN.OQeGain CorpUSDcfd index
EGHT.N8x8 IncUSDcfd index
EGLE.OQEagle Bulk Shipping IncUSDcfd index
EGO.NEldorado Gold Corp (US)USDcfd index
EGP.NEastGroup Properties IncUSDcfd index
EH.OQEHang Holdings Limited ADSUSDcfd index
EHC.NEncompass Health CorpUSDcfd index
EHE.AXEstia Health LimitedAUDcfd index
EHL.AXEmecoAUDcfd index
EHTH.OQeHealth IncUSDcfd index
EIX.NEdison InternationalUSDcfd index
EKSO.OQEkso Bionics Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
EL.NThe Estée Lauder Companies Inc.USDcfd index
ELAN.NElanco Animal Health IncUSDcfd index
ELD.AXElders LtdAUDcfd index
ELF.Ne.l.f. Beauty IncUSDcfd index
ELS.NEquity Lifestyle Properties InUSDcfd index
EMB.OQiShares JP Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETFUSDcfd index
EME.NEMCOR Group IncUSDcfd index
EML.AXEML PaymentsAUDcfd index
EMN.NEastman ChemicalUSDcfd index
EMR.NEmerson Electric CompanyUSDcfd index
ENPC.NExecutive Network Partnering CorporationUSDcfd index
ENPH.OQEnphase Energy Inc.USDcfd index
ENR.NEnergizer Holdings IncUSDcfd index
ENS.NEnerSys IncUSDcfd index
ENTG.OQEntegris IncUSDcfd index
ENV.NEnvestnet IncUSDcfd index
EOG.NEOG Resources Inc.USDcfd index
EOLS.OQEvolus IncUSDcfd index
EOS.AXElectro Optic Systems HoldingsAUDcfd index
EPAM.NEPAM Systems IncUSDcfd index
EPC.NEdgewell Personal Care CoUSDcfd index
EPD.NEnterprise Products Partners L.P.USDcfd index
EPR.NEPR PropertiesUSDcfd index
EPRT.NEssential Properties Realty Trust IncUSDcfd index
EPZM.OQEpizyme IncUSDcfd index
EQC.NCommonWealth REITUSDcfd index
EQH.NAxa Equitable Holdings IncUSDcfd index
EQIX.OQEquinix Inc. (REIT)USDcfd index
EQNR.NEquinor ASAUSDcfd index
EQR.NEquity ResidentUSDcfd index
EQT.NEQTUSDcfd index
ERA.AXEnergy Resources Of AustraliaAUDcfd index
ERIC.OQEricsson (US)USDcfd index
ERIE.OQErie Indemnity CoUSDcfd index
ES.NEversource EnergyUSDcfd index
ESGC.NEros Stx Global CorpUSDcfd index
ESNT.NEssent Group LtdUSDcfd index
ESRT.NEmpire State Realty Trust IncUSDcfd index
ESS.NEssex Property Trust IncUSDcfd index
ESTC.NElastic N.V.USDcfd index
ET.NEnergy Transfer LPUSDcfd index
ETN.NEatonUSDcfd index
ETR.NEntergyUSDcfd index
ETSY.OQEtsy Inc.USDcfd index
EVBG.OQEverbridge Inc.USDcfd index
EVER.OQEverQuote IncUSDcfd index
EVN.AXEvolution MiningAUDcfd index
EVRG.NEvergy Inc.USDcfd index
EVRI.NEveri Holdings IncUSDcfd index
EVT.AXEvent HospitalityAUDcfd index
EW.NEdwards Lifesciences CorporationUSDcfd index
EWC.AXEnergy World CorporationAUDcfd index
EWH.PiShares MSCI Hong Kong ETFUSDcfd index
EWW.PiShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETFUSDcfd index
EWZ.PiShares MSCI Brazil Capped ETFUSDcfd index
EXAI.OQEx Scientia LimitedUSDcfd index
EXAS.OQExact Sciences CorpUSDcfd index
EXC.OQExelonUSDcfd index
EXEL.OQExelixis IncUSDcfd index
EXFY.OQExpensify IncUSDcfd index
EXK.NEndeavour Silver Corp (US)USDcfd index
EXLS.OQExlService Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
EXPD.OQExpeditorsUSDcfd index
EXPI.OQeXp World Holdings IncUSDcfd index
EXPO.OQExponent Inc.USDcfd index
EXPR.NExpress Inc.USDcfd index
EXR.AXElixir Energy LimitedAUDcfd index
EXR.NExtra Space Storage IncUSDcfd index
EZJ.LEasyJetGBPcfd index
FAF.NFirst American Financial CorpUSDcfd index
FANG.OQDiamondback Energy IncUSDcfd index
FAR.AXFAR LtdAUDcfd index
FAST.OQFastenalUSDcfd index
FATE.OQFate Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
FAX.AAberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund IncUSDcfd index
FBHS.NFortune Brands Home & SecurityUSDcfd index
FBP.NFirst BanCorp/Puerto RicoUSDcfd index
FBU.AXFletcher Building (Australia)AUDcfd index
FCEL.OQFuelCell Energy Inc.USDcfd index
FCN.NFTI Consulting IncUSDcfd index
FCPT.NFour Corners Property TrustUSDcfd index
FCX.NFreeport-McMoRan Inc.USDcfd index
FDS.NFactSet Research Systems IncUSDcfd index
FE.NFirstEnergyUSDcfd index
FFIV.OQF5 Networks IncUSDcfd index
FHN.NFirst HorizonUSDcfd index
FICO.NFair Isaac CorpUSDcfd index
FIS.NFidelity National Information Services Inc.USDcfd index
FISV.OQFiserv Inc.USDcfd index
FITB.OQFifth ThirdUSDcfd index
FIVE.OQFive Below IncUSDcfd index
FIVN.OQFive9 IncUSDcfd index
FIZZ.OQNational Beverage CorpUSDcfd index
FL.NFoot Locker Inc.USDcfd index
FLEX.OQFlextronics InternationalUSDcfd index
FLO.NFlowers Foods IncUSDcfd index
FLR.NFluor CorporationUSDcfd index
FLS.NFlowserveUSDcfd index
FLT.AXFlight Centre Travel Group LimitedAUDcfd index
FLT.NFleetCor Technologies IncUSDcfd index
FLWS.OQ1-800-Flowers.com IncUSDcfd index
FMC.NFMCUSDcfd index
FMG.AXFortescue Metals Group LimitedAUDcfd index
FNF.NFNF GroupUSDcfd index
FOLD.OQAmicus Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
FOSL.OQFossil Group Inc.USDcfd index
FOUR.NShift4 Payments Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
FOX.OQFox Corp - Class BUSDcfd index
FOXA.OQFox Corp - Class AUSDcfd index
FPH.AXFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation LimitedAUDcfd index
FPI.NFarmland Partners IncUSDcfd index
FR.NFirst Industrial Realty TrustUSDcfd index
FRC.NFirst Republic Bank/CAUSDcfd index
FRI.AXFinbar GroupAUDcfd index
FROG.OQJFrog LtdUSDcfd index
FRPT.OQFreshpet IncUSDcfd index
FRSX.OQForesight Autonomous Holdings LtdUSDcfd index
FRT.NFederal Realty Investment TrusUSDcfd index
FSK.NFS KKR Capital CorpUSDcfd index
FSLR.OQFirst Solar Inc.USDcfd index
FSLY.NFastly Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
FSM.NFortuna Silver Mines Inc (US)USDcfd index
FSR.NFisker Inc.USDcfd index
FTCH.NFarfetch LimitedUSDcfd index
FTI.NTechnipFMC IncUSDcfd index
FTNT.OQFortinet Inc.USDcfd index
FTV.NFortive CorpUSDcfd index
FUBO.NFuboTV IncUSDcfd index
FUN.NCedar Fair L.P.USDcfd index
FVRR.NFiverr International Ltd.USDcfd index
FWD.AXFleetwood LtdAUDcfd index
FWONA.OQLiberty Media Corp - AUSDcfd index
FWONK.OQLiberty Media Corp - CUSDcfd index
FXI.PiShares China Large-Cap ETF (US)USDcfd index
FXPO.LFerrexpo plcGBPcfd index
GABC.OQGerman American Bancorp IncUSDcfd index
GAME.OQEngine Gaming and Media IncUSDcfd index
GASS.OQStealthGas IncUSDcfd index
GCI.NGannett Co IncUSDcfd index
GD.NGeneral DynamicsUSDcfd index
GDI.AXGDI Property GroupAUDcfd index
GDOT.NGreen Dot CorpUSDcfd index
GDRX.OQGoodRX HoldingsUSDcfd index
GDX.PVaneck Vectors Gold Miners ETFUSDcfd index
GDXJ.PVaneck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETFUSDcfd index
GEF.NGreif Inc - AUSDcfd index
GEL.NGenesis Energy LPUSDcfd index
GEM.AXG8 Education LimitedAUDcfd index
GEO.NGeo Group Inc/TheUSDcfd index
GERN.OQGeron CorpUSDcfd index
GES.NGuess? IncUSDcfd index
GEVO.OQGevo Inc.USDcfd index
GFI.NGold Fields Ltd (US)USDcfd index
GGB.NGerdauUSDcfd index
GGG.AXGreenland MineralsAUDcfd index
GHC.NGraham Holdings CoUSDcfd index
GIB.NCGI Group Inc (US)USDcfd index
GIII.OQG-III Apparel Group LtdUSDcfd index
GIS.NGeneral MillsUSDcfd index
GKOS.NGlaukos CorpUSDcfd index
GL.NGlobe Life IncUSDcfd index
GLAD.OQGladstone Capital CorpUSDcfd index
GLD.PSPDR Gold SharesUSDcfd index
GLEN.LGlencore plcGBPcfd index
GLG.OQTD Holdings IncUSDcfd index
GLNG.OQGolar LNG LtdUSDcfd index
GLP.NGlobal Partners LP/MAUSDcfd index
GLPI.OQGaming and Leisure Properties IncUSDcfd index
GLW.NCorning IncorporatedUSDcfd index
GMA.AXGenworth Mortgage Insurance Australia LtdAUDcfd index
GMBL.OQEsports Entertainment Group Inc.USDcfd index
GME.NGameStop Corp.USDcfd index
GMED.NGlobus Medical IncUSDcfd index
GMG.AXGoodman GroupAUDcfd index
GMRE.NGlobal Medical REIT IncUSDcfd index
GMS.NGMS Inc.USDcfd index
GMTX.OQGemini Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
GNC.AXGrainCorp LimitedAUDcfd index
GNE.AXGenesis Energy Ltd (AU)AUDcfd index
GNK.NGenco Shipping & Trading LtdUSDcfd index
GNL.NGlobal Net Lease IncUSDcfd index
GNOG.OQGolden Nugget Online Gaming InUSDcfd index
GNPX.OQGenprex IncUSDcfd index
GNRC.NGenerac Holdlings Inc.USDcfd index
GNTX.OQGentex Corp/MIUSDcfd index
GNUS.OQGenius Brands International Inc.USDcfd index
GNW.NGenworth FinancialUSDcfd index
GO.OQGrocery Outlet Holding Corp.USDcfd index
GOGO.OQGogo IncUSDcfd index
GOL.NGol Linhas Aereas InteligentesUSDcfd index
GOLD.NBarrick Gold CorporationUSDcfd index
GOOD.OQGladstone Commercial CorpUSDcfd index
GOR.AXGold Road Resources LtdAUDcfd index
GOSS.OQGossamer Bio IncUSDcfd index
GOZ.AXGrowthpoint Properties AustraliaAUDcfd index
GPC.NGenuine PartsUSDcfd index
GPI.NGroup 1 Automotive IncUSDcfd index
GPK.NGraphic Packaging Holding CoUSDcfd index
GPN.NGlobal Payments IncUSDcfd index
GPRE.OQGreen Plains IncUSDcfd index
GPRO.OQGoPro Inc (A shares)USDcfd index
GPS.NThe Gap Inc.USDcfd index
GPT.AXGPT GroupAUDcfd index
GRAB.OQGrab Holdings LimitedUSDcfd index
GRIN.OQGrindrod Shipping Holdings LtdUSDcfd index
GRMN.NGarmin LtdUSDcfd index
GRPN.OQGroupon Inc.USDcfd index
GRWG.OQGrowGeneration CorpUSDcfd index
GSIT.OQGSI Technology Inc.USDcfd index
GSK.LGlaxoSmithKline plcGBPcfd index
GT.OQThe Goodyear Tire & Rubber CompanyUSDcfd index
GTN.NGray Television IncUSDcfd index
GTY.NGetty Realty CorpUSDcfd index
GUD.AXGUD HoldingsAUDcfd index
GVA.NGranite Construction IncUSDcfd index
GWA.AXGWA GroupAUDcfd index
GWRE.NGuidewire Software IncUSDcfd index
GWW.NWW GraingerUSDcfd index
H.NHyatt HotelsUSDcfd index
HA.OQHawaiian Holdings IncUSDcfd index
HAE.NHaemonetics CorpUSDcfd index
HAIN.OQHain Celestial Group Inc/TheUSDcfd index
HAL.NHalliburton CompanyUSDcfd index
HALO.OQHalozyme Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
HAS.OQHasbroUSDcfd index
HASI.NHannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital IncUSDcfd index
HBAN.OQHuntington BancUSDcfd index
HBI.NHanesbrands IncUSDcfd index
HCA.NHCA Healthcare Inc.USDcfd index
HEAR.OQTurtle Beach CorpUSDcfd index
HEI.NHEICO CorpUSDcfd index
HES.NHessUSDcfd index
HGV.NHilton Grand VacationsUSDcfd index
HHC.NHoward Hughes Corp/TheUSDcfd index
HIG.NHartford Financial ServicesUSDcfd index
HII.NHuntington Ingalls IndustriesUSDcfd index
HIL.AXHills LtdAUDcfd index
HIW.NHighwoods Properties IncUSDcfd index
HLF.NHerbalife LtdUSDcfd index
HLIT.OQHarmonic IncUSDcfd index
HLS.AXHealius LtdAUDcfd index
HLX.NHelix Energy Solutions Group IUSDcfd index
HMC.NHonda Motor Co LtdUSDcfd index
HMHC.OQHoughton Mifflin Harcourt CoUSDcfd index
HMY.NHarmony Gold Mining Company LimitedUSDcfd index
HOG.NHarley DavidsonUSDcfd index
HOLX.OQHologicUSDcfd index
HON.OQHoneywell International Inc.USDcfd index
HOOD.OQRobinhood Markets IncUSDcfd index
HP.NHelmerichUSDcfd index
HPE.NHewlett-Packard EnterpriseUSDcfd index
HPI.AXHotel Property InvestmentsAUDcfd index
HPP.NHudson Pacific Properties IncUSDcfd index
HQY.OQHealthEquity IncUSDcfd index
HR.NHealthcare Realty Trust IncUSDcfd index
HRB.NH&R BlockUSDcfd index
HRL.NHormel FoodsUSDcfd index
HSBC.NHSBC Holdings plcUSDcfd index
HSC.NHarsco CorpUSDcfd index
HSIC.OQHenry ScheinUSDcfd index
HSN.AXHansen Technologies LtdAUDcfd index
HST.OQHost HotelsUSDcfd index
HSY.NHershey FoodsUSDcfd index
HT1.AXHT&E LtdAUDcfd index
HTA.NHealthcare Trust of America InUSDcfd index
HTGC.NHercules Technology Growth Capital IncUSDcfd index
HTHT.OQHuazhu Group LtdUSDcfd index
HUB.AXHUB24 LtdAUDcfd index
HUBB.NHubbell IncUSDcfd index
HUBS.NHubSpot IncUSDcfd index
HUM.AXHumm Group LtdAUDcfd index
HUM.NHumana Inc.USDcfd index
HUN.NHuntsmanUSDcfd index
HVN.AXHarvey Norman Holdings LimitedAUDcfd index
HWM.NHowmet Aerospace IncUSDcfd index
HXL.NHexcel CorpUSDcfd index
HYLN.NHyliion Holdings Corp.USDcfd index
HYT.NBlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund IncUSDcfd index
HZN.AXHorizon OilAUDcfd index
IAC.OQInteractivecorpUSDcfd index
IAG.AXInsurance Australia Group LimitedAUDcfd index
IAU.PiShares Gold Trust (US)USDcfd index
IBB.OQiShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETFUSDcfd index
IBKR.OQInteractive Brokers Group IncUSDcfd index
IBP.NInstalled Building Products IncUSDcfd index
ICE.NIntercontinental Exchange Inc.USDcfd index
ICLN.OQiShares Global Clean Energy ETFUSDcfd index
ICPT.OQIntercept Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
IDCC.OQInterDigital Inc/PAUSDcfd index
IDEX.OQIdeanomics Inc.USDcfd index
IDX.AXIntegral Diagnostics LtdAUDcfd index
IDXX.OQIDEXX Laboratories IncUSDcfd index
IEF.OQiShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETFUSDcfd index
IEL.AXIDP Education LimitedAUDcfd index
IEMG.PiShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETFUSDcfd index
IEP.OQIcahn Enterprises LPUSDcfd index
IEX.NIDEX CorpUSDcfd index
IFF.NInternational Flavors & FragrancesUSDcfd index
IFL.AXInsignia Financial LtdAUDcfd index
IFM.AXInfomedia LtdAUDcfd index
IFRX.OQInflarx NVUSDcfd index
IGAC.OQIG Acquisition Corp.USDcfd index
IGMS.OQIGM Biosciences Inc.USDcfd index
IGO.AXIGO LimitedAUDcfd index
IGT.NInternational Game TechnologyUSDcfd index
IHRT.OQiHeartMedia IncUSDcfd index
IHS.NIHS Holding LimitedUSDcfd index
IIPR.NInnovative Industrial Properties IncUSDcfd index
IIVI.OQII-VI IncUSDcfd index
ILPT.OQIndustrial Logistics Properties TrustUSDcfd index
ILU.AXIluka Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
IMAX.NIMAX Corp (US)USDcfd index
IMD.AXImdexAUDcfd index
IMGN.OQImmunoGen IncUSDcfd index
IMO.AImperial Oil Ltd (US)USDcfd index
IMU.AXImugene LimitedAUDcfd index
INA.AXIngenia Communities GroupAUDcfd index
INCY.OQIncyte Corp LtdUSDcfd index
INDY.OQiShares India 50 ETFUSDcfd index
INFN.OQInfinera CorpUSDcfd index
INFO.NIHS Markit LtdUSDcfd index
INFY.NInfosys TechnologiesUSDcfd index
ING.AXInghams Group LimitedAUDcfd index
ING.NING Groep NV - ADRUSDcfd index
INGN.OQInogen IncUSDcfd index
INGR.NIngredion IncUSDcfd index
INN.NSummit Hotel Properties IncUSDcfd index
INO.OQInovio Pharmaceuticals Inc.USDcfd index
INR.AXioneer LtdAUDcfd index
INSG.OQInseego Corp.USDcfd index
INSP.NInspire Medical Systems IncUSDcfd index
INTU.OQIntuit Inc.USDcfd index
INVH.NInvitation Homes IncUSDcfd index
IONS.OQIonis Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
IP.NInternational PaperUSDcfd index
IPD.AXImpediMed LtdAUDcfd index
IPG.NInterpublicUSDcfd index
IPGP.OQIPG Photonics CorpUSDcfd index
IPH.AXIPH LtdAUDcfd index
IPL.AXIncitec Pivot LimitedAUDcfd index
IQ.OQiQIYI Inc.USDcfd index
IQV.NIqvia Holdings IncUSDcfd index
IR.NIngersoll-Rand IncUSDcfd index
IRBT.OQiRobot CorpUSDcfd index
IRDM.OQIridium Communications IncUSDcfd index
IRE.AXIRESS MarketAUDcfd index
IRM.NIron MountainUSDcfd index
IRT.NIndependence Realty Trust IncUSDcfd index
IRTC.OQiRhythm Technologies IncUSDcfd index
ISRG.OQIntuitive Surgical Inc.USDcfd index
ISTB.OQiShares Core Short-Term USD BondUSDcfd index
ISU.AXiSelect LtdAUDcfd index
IT.NGartner IncUSDcfd index
ITCI.OQIntra-Cellular Therapies IncUSDcfd index
ITRI.OQItron IncUSDcfd index
ITUB.NItau Unibanco Holding SAUSDcfd index
ITW.NIllinois Tool Works Inc.USDcfd index
IUSB.OQiShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETFUSDcfd index
IUSG.OQiShares Core US Growth ETFUSDcfd index
IUSV.OQiShares Core US Value ETFUSDcfd index
IVC.AXInvoCareAUDcfd index
IVR.NInvesco Mortgage Capital IncUSDcfd index
IVZ.NInvescoUSDcfd index
IWM.PiShares Russell 2000 ETFUSDcfd index
IXUS.OQiShares Core MSCI Total International Stock ETFUSDcfd index
IZEA.OQIZEA Worldwide IncUSDcfd index
J.NJacobs Engineering Group IncUSDcfd index
JACK.OQJack in the Box IncUSDcfd index
JAZZ.OQJazz Pharmaceuticals PlcUSDcfd index
JBGS.NJBG SMITH PropertiesUSDcfd index
JBH.AXJB Hi-Fi LimitedAUDcfd index
JBHT.OQJB Hunt Transport ServicesUSDcfd index
JBL.NJabil CircuitUSDcfd index
JBLU.OQJetBlue Airways CorporationUSDcfd index
JBT.NJohn Bean Technologies CorpUSDcfd index
JCI.NJohnson Controls InternationalUSDcfd index
JDO.AXJudo Capital Holdings Ltd.AUDcfd index
JEF.NJefferies Financial Group IncUSDcfd index
JFU.OQ9F IncUSDcfd index
JHG.AXJanus Henderson Group (Australia)AUDcfd index
JHX.AXJames Hardie Industries plcAUDcfd index
JIN.AXJumbo Interactive LimitedAUDcfd index
JKHY.OQJack Henry & Associates IncUSDcfd index
JKS.NJinkoSolar Holding Co LtdUSDcfd index
JLG.AXJohns Lyng Group LtdAUDcfd index
JLL.NJones Lang LaSalle IncUSDcfd index
JMIA.NJumia Technologies AGUSDcfd index
JNPR.NJuniper NetworksUSDcfd index
JOBS.OQ51job IncUSDcfd index
JOE.NSt Joe Co/TheUSDcfd index
JOUT.OQJohnson Outdoors IncUSDcfd index
JWN.NNordstrom Inc.USDcfd index
KAR.AXKaroon Energy LtdAUDcfd index
KAR.NKAR Auction Services IncUSDcfd index
KARS.PKraneShares Electric Vehicles & Future Mobility ETFUSDcfd index
KBH.NKB HomeUSDcfd index
KBR.NKBR IncUSDcfd index
KBWD.OQPowerShares KBW High Dividend Yield Financial PortfolioUSDcfd index
KCN.AXKingsgate ConsolidatedAUDcfd index
KDP.OQKeurig Dr Pepper Inc.USDcfd index
KEN.NKenon Holdings LtdUSDcfd index
KERN.OQAkerna CorpUSDcfd index
KEY.NKeyUSDcfd index
KEYS.NKeysight Technologies IncUSDcfd index
KGC.NKinross Gold CorporationUSDcfd index
KGN.AXKogan.com LtdAUDcfd index
KIM.NKimco RealtyUSDcfd index
KLAC.OQKLA CorporationUSDcfd index
KMB.NKimberly-ClarkUSDcfd index
KMD.AXKathmandu (Australia)AUDcfd index
KMI.NKinder Morgan Inc/DelawareUSDcfd index
KMT.NKennametal IncUSDcfd index
KMX.NCarmax IncUSDcfd index
KNDI.OQKandi Technologies Group Inc.USDcfd index
KNX.NKnight-Swift Transportation CoUSDcfd index
KODK.NEastman Kodak CoUSDcfd index
KOS.NKosmos Energy LtdUSDcfd index
KR.NThe Kroger Co.USDcfd index
KRC.NKilroy Realty CorpUSDcfd index
KRM.AXKingsrose MiningAUDcfd index
KRNT.OQKornit Digital LtdUSDcfd index
KRO.NKronos Worldwide IncUSDcfd index
KSS.NKohl's CorporationUSDcfd index
KTOS.OQKratos Defense & Security Solutions IncUSDcfd index
KW.NKennedy-Wilson Holdings IncUSDcfd index
LAD.NLithia Motors IncUSDcfd index
LAMR.OQLamar AdvertisingUSDcfd index
LAND.OQGladstone Land CorporationUSDcfd index
LAW.NCS Disco Inc.USDcfd index
LAZ.NLazard LtdUSDcfd index
LAZR.OQLuminar Technologies Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
LBRDA.OQLiberty Broadband Corp - AUSDcfd index
LBRDK.OQLiberty Broadband Corp - CUSDcfd index
LBRT.NLiberty Oilfield Services IncUSDcfd index
LBTYA.OQLiberty GlobalUSDcfd index
LBTYK.OQLiberty Global IncUSDcfd index
LDOS.NLeidos Holdings IncUSDcfd index
LEA.NLear CorpUSDcfd index
LECO.OQLincoln Electric Holdings IncUSDcfd index
LEG.NLeggett & PlattUSDcfd index
LEN.NLennar CorporationUSDcfd index
LEVI.NLevi Strauss & Co.USDcfd index
LFC.NChina Life Insurance (US)USDcfd index
LGFa.NLions Gate Entertainment CorpUSDcfd index
LH.NLaboratory Corporation of AmericaUSDcfd index
LHX.NL3Harris Technologies IncUSDcfd index
LI.OQLi Auto Inc.USDcfd index
LII.NLennox International IncUSDcfd index
LILA.OQLiberty Latin America Ltd - Cl AUSDcfd index
LIN.NLinde plcUSDcfd index
LITE.OQLumentum Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
LKQ.OQLKQ CorpUSDcfd index
LLC.AXLend LeaseAUDcfd index
LLNW.OQLimelight Networks IncUSDcfd index
LLY.NEli Lilly and CompanyUSDcfd index
LMND.NLemonade Inc.USDcfd index
LNC.NLincoln NationalUSDcfd index
LNG.ACheniere Energy IncUSDcfd index
LNK.AXLink Administration HoldingsAUDcfd index
LNT.OQAlliant Energy CorpUSDcfd index
LOGI.OQLogitech International SA (US)USDcfd index
LOV.AXLovisa Holdings LtdAUDcfd index
LOW.NLowe's Companies Inc.USDcfd index
LPI.NLaredo Petroleum Holdings IncUSDcfd index
LPLA.OQLPL Financial Holdings IncUSDcfd index
LPSN.OQLivePerson IncUSDcfd index
LPX.NLouisiana-Pacific CorpUSDcfd index
LQD.PiShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETFUSDcfd index
LRCX.OQLam Research CorporationUSDcfd index
LRN.NStride IncUSDcfd index
LSCC.OQLattice Semiconductor CorpUSDcfd index
LSI.NLife Storage IncUSDcfd index
LSXMK.OQLiberty Media Corp - Liberty SiriusXMUSDcfd index
LTC.NLTC Properties IncUSDcfd index
LTHM.NLivent CorporationUSDcfd index
LTR.AXLiontown Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
LTRPA.OQLiberty TripAdvisor Holdings IncUSDcfd index
LTRY.OQLottery.comUSDcfd index
LU.NLufax Holding LtdUSDcfd index
LULU.OQLululemon Athletica Inc.USDcfd index
LUMN.NLumen Technologies Inc.USDcfd index
LUNA.OQLuna Innovations IncUSDcfd index
LW.NLamb Weston Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
LXP.NLexington Realty TrustUSDcfd index
LXRX.OQLexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc.USDcfd index
LXU.NLSB Industries IncUSDcfd index
LYB.NLyondellBasell Industries NVUSDcfd index
LYC.AXLynas Rare Earths LimitedAUDcfd index
LYG.NLloyds Banking (US)USDcfd index
LYV.NLive Nation Entertainment IncUSDcfd index
M.NMacy's Inc.USDcfd index
MAA.NMid-America Apartment CommunitUSDcfd index
MAC.NMacerich Co/TheUSDcfd index
MAH.AXMacMahon HoldingsAUDcfd index
MAIN.NMain Street Capital CorpUSDcfd index
MANU.NManchester United PlcUSDcfd index
MARA.OQMarathon Digital Holdings IncUSDcfd index
MARK.OQRemark Holdings IncUSDcfd index
MAS.NMascoUSDcfd index
MASI.OQMasimo CorpUSDcfd index
MAT.OQMattelUSDcfd index
MAXR.NMaxar Technologies Inc.USDcfd index
MBT.NMobile TeleSystems OJSCUSDcfd index
MCFE.OQMcAfee CorpUSDcfd index
MCHI.OQiShares MSCI China ETFUSDcfd index
MCHP.OQMicrochip TechUSDcfd index
MCK.NMcKessonUSDcfd index
MCRB.OQSeres Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
MD.NMEDNAX IncUSDcfd index
MDB.OQMongoDB Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
MDC.NMDC Holdings IncUSDcfd index
MDIV.OQFirst Trust Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index FundUSDcfd index
MDLZ.OQMondelez International Inc.USDcfd index
MDT.NMedtronic plcUSDcfd index
MDU.NMDU Resources Group IncUSDcfd index
MED.NMedifast IncUSDcfd index
MELI.OQMercadoLibre Inc.USDcfd index
MFA.NMFA Financial IncUSDcfd index
MFF.AXMagellan Flagship FundAUDcfd index
MFG.AXMagellan Financial Group LimitedAUDcfd index
MGI.OQMoneyGram International Inc.USDcfd index
MGR.AXMirvac GroupAUDcfd index
MGX.AXMount Gibson Iron LimitedAUDcfd index
MGY.NMagnolia Oil & Gas CorpUSDcfd index
MHK.NMohawk Industries IncUSDcfd index
MI6.AXMinerals 260 LtdAUDcfd index
MIMO.AAirspan Networks Holdings IncUSDcfd index
MIN.AXMineral Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
MITK.OQMitek Systems IncUSDcfd index
MITO.OQStealth BioTherapeutics CorpUSDcfd index
MITT.NAG Mortgage Investment Trust IncUSDcfd index
MJ.PETFMG Alternative Harvest ETFUSDcfd index
MKC.NMcCormickUSDcfd index
MKL.NMarkel CorpUSDcfd index
MKSI.OQMKS Instruments IncUSDcfd index
MKTX.OQMarketAxess Holdings IncUSDcfd index
MLCO.OQMelco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd - ADRUSDcfd index
MLM.NMartin Marietta Materials IncUSDcfd index
MLX.AXMetals X LtdAUDcfd index
MMC.NMarsh & McLennan Companies Inc.USDcfd index
MMI.NMarcus & Millichap IncUSDcfd index
MML.AXMedusa MiningAUDcfd index
MMS.AXMcMillan ShakespeareAUDcfd index
MMYT.OQMakeMyTrip LtdUSDcfd index
MND.AXMonadelphousAUDcfd index
MNDY.OQMonday.com LtdUSDcfd index
MNKD.OQMannKind CorpUSDcfd index
MNRL.NBrigham Minerals IncUSDcfd index
MNS.AXMagnis Energy Technologies LtdAUDcfd index
MNST.OQMonster BeverageUSDcfd index
MNTV.OQMomentive Global IncUSDcfd index
MOH.NMolina Healthcare IncUSDcfd index
MOO.PMarket Vectors Agribusiness ETFUSDcfd index
MORN.OQMorningstar IncUSDcfd index
MOS.NThe Mosaic CompanyUSDcfd index
MP1.AXMegaport LtdAUDcfd index
MPC.NMarathon Petroleum CorporationUSDcfd index
MPL.AXMedibank Private LtdAUDcfd index
MPW.NMedical Properties Trust IncUSDcfd index
MPWR.OQMonolithic Power Systems IncUSDcfd index
MQG.AXMacquarie Group LimitedAUDcfd index
MRCG.DEMerckEURcfd index
MRCY.OQMercury Systems IncUSDcfd index
MRM.AXMMA Offshore LtdAUDcfd index
MRNA.OQModerna Inc.USDcfd index
MRNS.OQMarinus Pharmaceuticals Inc.USDcfd index
MRO.NMarathon Oil CorporationUSDcfd index
MRTX.OQMirati Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
MRVL.OQMarvell Technology Group Ltd.USDcfd index
MS.NMorgan StanleyUSDcfd index
MSB.AXMesoblastAUDcfd index
MSCI.NMSCI IncUSDcfd index
MSGS.NMadison Square Garden Sport CorpUSDcfd index
MSTR.OQMicroStrategy Incorporated Class AUSDcfd index
MTB.NM&T BankUSDcfd index
MTD.NMettler-Toledo International IUSDcfd index
MTDR.NMatador Resources CoUSDcfd index
MTH.NMeritage Homes CorpUSDcfd index
MTN.NVail Resorts IncUSDcfd index
MTOR.NMeritor IncUSDcfd index
MTS.AXMetcashAUDcfd index
MTW.NManitowocUSDcfd index
MTZ.NMasTec IncUSDcfd index
MU.OQMicron Technology Inc.USDcfd index
MUR.NMurphy OilUSDcfd index
MUSA.NMurphy USA IncUSDcfd index
MUX.NMcEwen Mining Inc (US)USDcfd index
MVF.AXMonash IVF Group LtdAUDcfd index
MVIS.OQMicroVision Inc.USDcfd index
MWA.NMueller Water Products IncUSDcfd index
MX.NMagnachip Semiconductor CorpUSDcfd index
MYR.AXMyer Holdings LimitedAUDcfd index
MYS.AXMyStateAUDcfd index
MYX.AXMayne Pharma Group LtdAUDcfd index
NAB.AXNational Australia Bank LimitedAUDcfd index
NAN.AXNanosonics LimitedAUDcfd index
NARI.OQInari Medical IncUSDcfd index
NAT.NNordic American Tanker ShippingUSDcfd index
NATI.OQNational Instruments CorpUSDcfd index
NAVI.OQNavient CorpUSDcfd index
NBEV.OQNew Age Beverages CorporationUSDcfd index
NBIX.OQNeurocrine Biosciences IncUSDcfd index
NBR.NNabors IndustUSDcfd index
NCK.AXNick Scali LtdAUDcfd index
NCLH.NNorwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.USDcfd index
NCM.AXNewcrest Mining LimitedAUDcfd index
NCMI.OQNational CineMedia IncUSDcfd index
NCR.NNCRUSDcfd index
NCZ.AXNew Century Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
NDAQ.OQNasdaq Inc.USDcfd index
NDLS.OQNoodles & CoUSDcfd index
NDSN.OQNordson CorpUSDcfd index
NEA.AXNearmapAUDcfd index
NEC.AXNine EntertainmentAUDcfd index
NEE.NNextEra EnergyUSDcfd index
NEM.NNewmont CorporationUSDcfd index
NEP.NNextEra Energy Partners LPUSDcfd index
NERV.OQMinerva Neurosciences IncUSDcfd index
NESR.OQNational Energy Services Reunited CorpUSDcfd index
NET.NCloudflare Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
NEWR.NNew Relic IncUSDcfd index
NGI.AXNavigator Global Investments LtdAUDcfd index
NHC.AXNew Hope CorporationAUDcfd index
NHF.AXNIB HoldingsAUDcfd index
NI.NNiSourceUSDcfd index
NIC.AXNickel Mines LimitedAUDcfd index
NICE.OQNICE Systems LtdUSDcfd index
NIO.NNIO LimitedUSDcfd index
NIU.OQNiu TechnologiesUSDcfd index
NKLA.OQNikola CorporationUSDcfd index
NKTR.OQNektar TherapeuticsUSDcfd index
NLOK.OQNortonLifeLock INCUSDcfd index
NLSN.NNielsen Holdings NVUSDcfd index
NLY.NAnnaly Capital Management IncUSDcfd index
NMIH.OQNMI Holdings IncUSDcfd index
NMRK.OQNewmark Group Inc - Class AUSDcfd index
NMT.AXNeometals LtdAUDcfd index
NNDM.OQNano Dimension Ltd - ADRUSDcfd index
NNN.NNational Retail Properties IncUSDcfd index
NOAH.NNoah Holdings LtdUSDcfd index
NOC.NNorthrop Grumman CorporationUSDcfd index
NOK.NNokia (US)USDcfd index
NOMD.NNomad FoodsUSDcfd index
NOU.AXNoumi LtdAUDcfd index
NOV.NNational Oilwell VarcoUSDcfd index
NOVN.OQNovan IncUSDcfd index
NOVN.SNovartis AGCHFcfd index
NOW.NServiceNow Inc.USDcfd index
NPTN.NNeoPhotonics CorpUSDcfd index
NRZ.NNew Residential Investment CorpUSDcfd index
NS.NNuStar Energy LPUSDcfd index
NSA.NNational Storage Affiliates TrustUSDcfd index
NSC.NNorfolk Southern CorporationUSDcfd index
NSP.NInsperity IncUSDcfd index
NSR.AXNational Storage REITAUDcfd index
NST.AXNorthern Star Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
NTAP.OQNetAppUSDcfd index
NTLA.OQIntellia Therapeutics Inc.USDcfd index
NTNX.OQNutanix IncUSDcfd index
NTRA.OQNatera IncUSDcfd index
NTRS.OQNorthern TrustUSDcfd index
NUE.NNucor CorporationUSDcfd index
NUF.AXNufarm LimitedAUDcfd index
NUS.NNu Skin Enterprises IncUSDcfd index
NUVA.OQNuVasive IncUSDcfd index
NVAX.OQNovavax Inc.USDcfd index
NVCR.OQNovocure LtdUSDcfd index
NVGS.NNavigator Holdings LtdUSDcfd index
NVR.NNVR IncUSDcfd index
NVRO.NNevro CorpUSDcfd index
NVS.NNovartis AGUSDcfd index
NVTA.NInvitae CorporationUSDcfd index
NVX.AXNovonix Ltd.AUDcfd index
NWH.AXNRW HoldingsAUDcfd index
NWL.AXNetwealth Group LimitedAUDcfd index
NWL.OQNewell Brands IncUSDcfd index
NWS.AXNews Corp - B (Australia)AUDcfd index
NWS.OQNews Corp - B (US)USDcfd index
NWSA.OQNews Corp - A (US)USDcfd index
NXL.AXNuixAUDcfd index
NXPI.OQNXP Semiconductors N.V.USDcfd index
NXST.OQNexstar Broadcasting Group IncUSDcfd index
NXT.AXNextdcAUDcfd index
NYMT.OQNew York Mortgage Trust IncUSDcfd index
NYT.NNew York TimesUSDcfd index
O.NRealty Income CorpUSDcfd index
OBL.AXOmni Bridgeway LtdAUDcfd index
OC.NOwens CorningUSDcfd index
OCGN.OQOcugen Inc.USDcfd index
OCUL.OQOcular Therapeutix IncUSDcfd index
ODFL.OQOld Dominion Freight Line IncUSDcfd index
ODP.OQOffice DepotUSDcfd index
OFC.NCorporate Office Properties TrUSDcfd index
OFX.AXOzforex GroupAUDcfd index
OGC.AXOceanaGold CorporationAUDcfd index
OHI.NOmega Healthcare Investors IncUSDcfd index
OI.NO-I Glass IncUSDcfd index
OIH.PVaneck Vectors Oil Service ETFUSDcfd index
OKE.NOneokUSDcfd index
OKTA.OQOkta Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
OLED.OQUniversal Display CorpUSDcfd index
OLLI.OQOllie's Bargain Outlet Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
OLN.NOlin CorpUSDcfd index
OMI.NOwens & Minor IncUSDcfd index
OML.AXoOh!Media LtdAUDcfd index
ON.OQON Semiconductor CorporationUSDcfd index
ONEM.OQ1Life Healthcare IncUSDcfd index
ONTO.NONTO Innovation IncUSDcfd index
ONTX.OQOnconova Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
OPEN.OQOpendoor Technologies Inc.USDcfd index
OPI.OQOffice Properties Income TrustUSDcfd index
OPK.OQOpko Health IncUSDcfd index
OPT.AXOpthea LimitedAUDcfd index
ORA.AXOrora LtdAUDcfd index
ORA.NOrmat Technologies IncUSDcfd index
ORAN.PAOrangeEURcfd index
ORG.AXOrigin EnergyAUDcfd index
ORI.AXOricaAUDcfd index
ORI.NOld Republic International CorUSDcfd index
ORLY.OQO'Reilly AutoUSDcfd index
ORTX.OQOrchard Therapeutics PLCUSDcfd index
OSH.NOak Street HealthUSDcfd index
OSK.NOshkosh CorpUSDcfd index
OSTK.OQOverstock.com Inc.USDcfd index
OSUR.OQOraSure Technologies IncUSDcfd index
OTIS.NOtis Worldwide CorpUSDcfd index
OUT.NOutfront Media IncUSDcfd index
OVID.OQOvid Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
OXY.NOccidental Petroleum CorporationUSDcfd index
OZL.AXOZ Minerals LimitedAUDcfd index
PAA.OQPlains All American Pipeline LPUSDcfd index
PAC.AXPacific Current Group LtdAUDcfd index
PACB.OQPacific Biosciences of California Inc.USDcfd index
PAG.NPenske Automotive Group IncUSDcfd index
PAGP.OQPlains GP Holdings LPUSDcfd index
PAGS.NPagseguro Digital LTDUSDcfd index
PANW.OQPalo Alto Networks Inc.USDcfd index
PARA.OQParamount GlobalUSDcfd index
PAYC.NPaycom Software IncUSDcfd index
PAYS.OQPaysign Inc.USDcfd index
PAYX.OQPaychex IncUSDcfd index
PBA.NPembina Pipeline Corp (US)USDcfd index
PBCT.OQPeople's United BankUSDcfd index
PBF.NPBF Energy IncUSDcfd index
PBH.AXPointsBet Holdings LimitedAUDcfd index
PBI.NPitney BowesUSDcfd index
PBR.NPetrobrasUSDcfd index
PBT.NPermian Basin Royalty TrustUSDcfd index
PBYI.OQPuma Biotechnology IncUSDcfd index
PCAR.OQPaccarUSDcfd index
PCG.NPG&EUSDcfd index
PCH.OQPotlatch CorpUSDcfd index
PCTY.OQPaylocity Holding CorpUSDcfd index
PCVX.OQVaxcyte IncUSDcfd index
PD.NPagerDuty IncUSDcfd index
PDCE.OQPDC Energy IncUSDcfd index
PDCO.OQPattersonUSDcfd index
PDL.AXPendal Group LtdAUDcfd index
PDM.NPiedmont Office Realty Trust IUSDcfd index
PDN.AXPaladin Energy LimitedAUDcfd index
PEAK.NHealthpeak Properties IncUSDcfd index
PEB.NPebblebrook Hotel TrustUSDcfd index
PEG.NPublic Service EnterpriseUSDcfd index
PEGA.OQPegasystems IncUSDcfd index
PEI.NPennsylvania Real Estate InvesUSDcfd index
PEN.NPenumbra IncUSDcfd index
PENN.OQPenn National Gaming Inc.USDcfd index
PEP.OQPepsiCo Inc.USDcfd index
PFF.OQiShares US Preferred Stock ETFUSDcfd index
PFG.OQPrincipal FinancialUSDcfd index
PFGC.NPerformance Food Group CoUSDcfd index
PFLT.OQPennantPark Floating Rate Capital LtdUSDcfd index
PGEN.OQPregicen IncUSDcfd index
PGH.AXPact Group Holdings LtdAUDcfd index
PGNY.OQProgyny IncUSDcfd index
PGR.NThe Progressive CorporationUSDcfd index
PGRE.NParamount Group IncUSDcfd index
PH.NParker-HannifinUSDcfd index
PHK.NPIMCO High Income FundUSDcfd index
PHM.NPulte GroupUSDcfd index
PHR.NPhreesia IncUSDcfd index
PIA.AXPengana InternationalAUDcfd index
PII.NPolarisUSDcfd index
PINC.OQPremier IncUSDcfd index
PINE.NAlpine Income Property Trust IncUSDcfd index
PK.NPark Hotels and Resorts IncUSDcfd index
PKG.NPackaging Corp of AmericaUSDcfd index
PKI.NPerkinElmer IncUSDcfd index
PLAN.NAnaplan IncUSDcfd index
PLAY.OQDave & Buster's Entertainment IncUSDcfd index
PLCE.OQChildren's Place Retail StoresUSDcfd index
PLD.NPrologis Inc.USDcfd index
PLNT.NPlanet Fitness IncUSDcfd index
PLS.AXPilbara Minerals LimitedAUDcfd index
PLTR.NPalantir Technologies Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
PLUG.OQPlug Power Inc.USDcfd index
PLUSP.LPlus500GBPcfd index
PLYA.OQPlaya Hotels & Resorts NVUSDcfd index
PMC.AXPlatinum CapitalAUDcfd index
PME.AXPro Medicus LimitedAUDcfd index
PMV.AXPremier InvsAUDcfd index
PNNT.OQPennantPark Investment CorpUSDcfd index
PNR.NPentair LtdUSDcfd index
PNV.AXPolyNovo LimitedAUDcfd index
PNW.NPinnacle WestUSDcfd index
PODD.OQInsulet CorpUSDcfd index
POLY.NPlantronics IncUSDcfd index
POOL.OQPool CorpUSDcfd index
POWI.OQPower Integrations IncUSDcfd index
PPC.AXPeetAUDcfd index
PPG.NPPG IndustriesUSDcfd index
PPH.AXPushpay HoldingsAUDcfd index
PPL.NPPLUSDcfd index
PPT.AXPerpetualAUDcfd index
PRFT.OQPerficient IncUSDcfd index
PRG.NPROG Holdings IncUSDcfd index
PRGO.NPerrigoUSDcfd index
PRN.AXPerenti Global LtdAUDcfd index
PRQR.OQProQR Therapeutics NVUSDcfd index
PRTK.OQParatek Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
PRTP.PAKeringEURcfd index
PRTY.NParty City Holdco IncUSDcfd index
PRU.AXPerseus Mining LimitedAUDcfd index
PRU.NPrudential FinancialUSDcfd index
PRVB.OQProvention Bio IncUSDcfd index
PSA.NPublic StorageUSDcfd index
PSEC.OQProspect Capital CorpUSDcfd index
PSHG_p.DECheung Kong Property Holdings LtdEURcfd index
PSTG.NPure Storage IncUSDcfd index
PSX.NPhillips 66USDcfd index
PTC.OQPTC IncUSDcfd index
PTEN.OQPatterson Uti EnergyUSDcfd index
PTM.AXPlatinum Asset ManagementAUDcfd index
PTON.OQPeloton Interactive Inc.USDcfd index
PTR.NPetroChina Company LimitedUSDcfd index
PTY.NPIMCO Corporate & Income Opportunity FundUSDcfd index
PUMP.NProPetro Holding CorpUSDcfd index
PVH.NPVH Corp.USDcfd index
PWR.NQuanta ServicesUSDcfd index
PXD.NPioneer Natural Resources CompanyUSDcfd index
PXS.AXPharmaxisAUDcfd index
PZZA.OQPapa John's International IncUSDcfd index
QAN.AXQantas AirwaysAUDcfd index
QBE.AXQBE Insurance Group LimitedAUDcfd index
QD.NQudian IncUSDcfd index
QDEL.OQQuidel CorporationUSDcfd index
QFIN.OQ360 DigiTech Inc.USDcfd index
QIWI.OQQIWI plcUSDcfd index
QPM.AXQueensland Pacific Metals LimitedAUDcfd index
QQQ.OQInvesco QQQ Trust Series 1USDcfd index
QQQX.OQNuveen NASDAQ 100 Dynamic Overwrite FundUSDcfd index
QRTEA.OQQurate Retail Group Inc QVC GroupUSDcfd index
QRVO.OQQorvo Inc.USDcfd index
QS.NQuantumScape CorporationUSDcfd index
QTWO.NQ2 Holdings IncUSDcfd index
QUB.AXQube LogisticsAUDcfd index
QURE.OQuniQure B.V.USDcfd index
R.NRyder System IncUSDcfd index
RAC.AXRace Oncology LtdAUDcfd index
RACE.MIFerrari N.V.EURcfd index
RAD.NRite Aid CorporationUSDcfd index
RBBN.OQRibbon CommunicationUSDcfd index
RBLX.NRoblox CorporationUSDcfd index
RCKT.OQRocket Pharmaceuticals Inc.USDcfd index
RCL.NRoyal Caribbean GroupUSDcfd index
RDFN.OQRedfin CorporationUSDcfd index
RDN.NRadian Group IncUSDcfd index
RE.NEverest Re Group LtdUSDcfd index
REA.AXRea GroupAUDcfd index
RED.AXRed 5AUDcfd index
REG.AXRegis Healthcare LtdAUDcfd index
REG.OQRegency Centers CorpUSDcfd index
REGI.OQRenewable Energy Group IncUSDcfd index
REGN.OQRegeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.USDcfd index
REH.AXReece LimitedAUDcfd index
RENA.PARenaultEURcfd index
RENN.NRenren IncUSDcfd index
RERE.NAihuishou InternationalUSDcfd index
RETA.OQReata Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
REXR.NRexford Industrial Realty IncUSDcfd index
RF.NRegions FinancialUSDcfd index
RFF.AXRural Funds GroupAUDcfd index
RFG.AXRetail FoodAUDcfd index
RFP.NResolute Forest ProductsUSDcfd index
RGA.NReinsurance Group of America IUSDcfd index
RGEN.OQRepligen CorpUSDcfd index
RGS.NRegis CorpUSDcfd index
RH.NRestoration Hardware Holdings IncUSDcfd index
RHC.AXRamsay Health Care LimitedAUDcfd index
RHI.NRobert HalfUSDcfd index
RIC.AXRidleyAUDcfd index
RIG.NTransocean (US)USDcfd index
RIGL.OQRigel Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
RIO.AXRio Tinto (Australia)AUDcfd index
RIOT.OQRiot Blockchain IncUSDcfd index
RIVN.OQRivian Automotive Inc.USDcfd index
RJF.NRaymond James Financial IncUSDcfd index
RKLB.OQRocket Lab USA IncUSDcfd index
RKN.AXReckonAUDcfd index
RKT.NRocket Companies Inc.USDcfd index
RL.NPolo Ralph LaurenUSDcfd index
RLGY.NRealogy Holdings CorpUSDcfd index
RLJ.NRLJ Lodging TrustUSDcfd index
RLT.AXRenergen LTD (RLT)AUDcfd index
RMAX.NRE/MAX Holdings IncUSDcfd index
RMBS.OQRambusUSDcfd index
RMD.AXResMed Inc.AUDcfd index
RMD.NResMed IncUSDcfd index
RMS.AXRamelius Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
RNG.NRingCentral IncUSDcfd index
RNR.NRenaissanceRe Holdings LtdUSDcfd index
ROG.SRoche Holding AG ParticipationCHFcfd index
ROIC.OQRetail Opportunity InvestmentsUSDcfd index
ROK.NRockwell AutomationUSDcfd index
ROKU.OQRoku Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
ROL.NRollins IncUSDcfd index
ROP.NRoper IndustriesUSDcfd index
ROST.OQRoss StoresUSDcfd index
ROVR.OQRover Group IncUSDcfd index
RPD.OQRapid7 IncUSDcfd index
RPM.NRPM International IncUSDcfd index
RPRX.OQRoyalty Pharma PLCUSDcfd index
RR.LRolls-Royce HoldingsGBPcfd index
RRC.NRange ResourcesUSDcfd index
RRGB.OQRed Robin Gourmet Burgers IncUSDcfd index
RRL.AXRegis Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
RS.NReliance Steel & Aluminum CoUSDcfd index
RSG.AXResolute Mining LimitedAUDcfd index
RSG.NRepublic ServicesUSDcfd index
RTX.NRaytheon Technologies CorporationUSDcfd index
RUBY.OQRubius Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
RUN.OQSunrun Inc.USDcfd index
RUTH.OQRuth's Hospitality Group IncUSDcfd index
RVLV.NRevolve Group Inc.USDcfd index
RVMD.OQRevolution Medicines IncUSDcfd index
RVNC.OQRevance Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
RWC.AXReliance Worldwide Corporation LimitedAUDcfd index
RWT.NRedwood Trust IncUSDcfd index
RY.NRoyal Bank of Canada (US)USDcfd index
RYA.LRyanairEURcfd index
RYAAY.OQRyanair Holdings PLC (US)USDcfd index
RYAM.NRayonier Advanced Materials IncUSDcfd index
RYN.NRayonier IncUSDcfd index
S32.AXSouth32 LimitedAUDcfd index
SA.NSeabridge Gold Inc (US)USDcfd index
SABR.OQSabre CorporationUSDcfd index
SAFE.NSafehold Inc.USDcfd index
SAFM.OQSanderson Farms IncUSDcfd index
SAGE.OQSage Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
SAH.NSonic Automotive IncUSDcfd index
SAIL.NSailPoint Technologies Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
SAM.NBoston Beer Co Inc/TheUSDcfd index
SAMG.OQSilvercrest Asset Management Group Inc.USDcfd index
SAN.NBanco Santander S.A.USDcfd index
SANM.OQSanmina SciUSDcfd index
SAR.NSaratoga Investment CorpUSDcfd index
SASY.PASanofiEURcfd index
SATS.OQEchoStar CorpUSDcfd index
SAVA.OQCassava Sciences Inc.USDcfd index
SAVE.NSpirit Airlines Inc.USDcfd index
SB.NSafe Bulkers IncUSDcfd index
SBAC.OQSBA Communications CorpUSDcfd index
SBGI.OQSinclair Broadcast Group IncUSDcfd index
SBH.NSally Beauty Holdings IncUSDcfd index
SBLK.OQStar Bulk Carriers CorpUSDcfd index
SBM.AXSt Barbara LimitedAUDcfd index
SBNY.OQSignature Bank/New York NYUSDcfd index
SBOW.NSilverBow Resources IncUSDcfd index
SBRA.OQSabra Health Care REIT IncUSDcfd index
SBS.NCia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao PauloUSDcfd index
SBSW.NSibanye Stillwater Ltd - ADRUSDcfd index
SBT.OQSterling Bancorp IncUSDcfd index
SBTX.OQSilverback Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
SCCO.NSouthern CopperUSDcfd index
SCG.AXScentre GroupAUDcfd index
SCI.NService Corp International/USUSDcfd index
SCL.NStepan CoUSDcfd index
SCM.NStellus Capital Investment CorpUSDcfd index
SCP.AXShopping Centres Australasia PAUDcfd index
SCS.NSteelcase IncUSDcfd index
SCVL.OQShoe Carnival Inc.USDcfd index
SDC.OQSmileDirectClub Inc.USDcfd index
SDF.AXSteadfast Group LtdAUDcfd index
SDFGn.DEK+SEURcfd index
SDGR.OQSchrodinger IncUSDcfd index
SE.NSea LimitedUSDcfd index
SEDG.OQSolarEdge Technologies Inc.USDcfd index
SEE.NSealed AirUSDcfd index
SEIC.OQSEI Investments CoUSDcfd index
SEK.AXSeekAUDcfd index
SELB.OQSelecta Biosciences IncUSDcfd index
SENS.ASenseonics Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
SFIX.OQStitch Fix Inc.USDcfd index
SFM.OQSprouts Farmers Market IncUSDcfd index
SFNC.OQSimmons First National CorpUSDcfd index
SFR.AXSandfire Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
SFT.OQShift Technologies IncUSDcfd index
SGA.OQSaga Communications IncUSDcfd index
SGEN.OQSeattle Genetics IncUSDcfd index
SGF.AXSG Fleet Group LtdAUDcfd index
SGFY.NSignify Health Inc.USDcfd index
SGHT.OQSight Sciences Inc.USDcfd index
SGM.AXSims LimitedAUDcfd index
SGMO.OQSangamo Biosciences IncUSDcfd index
SGP.AXStocklandAUDcfd index
SGR.AXStar Entertainment Group LtdAUDcfd index
SGTX.OQSigilon Therapeutics Inc.USDcfd index
SGU.NStar Gas Partners LPUSDcfd index
SHAK.NShake Shack IncUSDcfd index
SHBI.OQShore Bancshares Inc.USDcfd index
SHEL.NShell PLC (US)USDcfd index
SHEN.OQShenandoah Telecommunications CoUSDcfd index
SHG.NShinhan Financial Group Co. Ltd.USDcfd index
SHJ.AXShine Corporate LtdAUDcfd index
SHL.AXSonic Healthcare LimitedAUDcfd index
SHLS.OQShoals Technologies Group Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
SHLX.NShell Midstream Partners LPUSDcfd index
SHO.NSunstone Hotel Investors IncUSDcfd index
SHV.AXSelect Harvests LtdAUDcfd index
SHV.OQiShares Short Treasury Bond ETFUSDcfd index
SHW.NThe Sherwin-Williams CompanyUSDcfd index
SHY.OQiShares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond ETFUSDcfd index
SHYF.OQThe Shyft Group Inc.USDcfd index
SI.NSilvergate Capital CorporationUSDcfd index
SIER.OQSierra Lake Acquisition CorpUSDcfd index
SIFY.OQSify Technologies LtdUSDcfd index
SIG.AXSigma PharmaceuticalsAUDcfd index
SIG.NSignet Jewelers LimitedUSDcfd index
SIL.PGlobal X Silver Miners ETFUSDcfd index
SILC.OQSilicom Ltd Ordinary SharesUSDcfd index
SILK.OQSilk Road Medical IncUSDcfd index
SIMO.OQSilicon Motion Technology CorpUSDcfd index
SIQ.AXSmartgroup Corporation LtdAUDcfd index
SIRI.OQSirius XM HoldingsUSDcfd index
SITC.NSITE Centers CorpUSDcfd index
SITM.OQSiTime CorporationUSDcfd index
SIVB.OQSVB Financial GroupUSDcfd index
SIX.NSix Flags Entertainment CorpUSDcfd index
SJM.NJM SmuckerUSDcfd index
SKC.AXSky City Entertainment (Australia)AUDcfd index
SKLZ.NSkillz Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
SKM.NSK Telecom Co LtdUSDcfd index
SKT.AXSky NetworkAUDcfd index
SKX.NSkechers U.S.A. IncUSDcfd index
SKYW.OQSkyWest IncUSDcfd index
SKYY.OQFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundUSDcfd index
SLAB.OQSilicon Laboratories IncUSDcfd index
SLB.NSchlumberger N.V.USDcfd index
SLBP.PASchlumbergerEURcfd index
SLC.AXSuperloop LimitedAUDcfd index
SLCA.NUS Silica Holdings IncUSDcfd index
SLG.NSL Green Realty CorpUSDcfd index
SLGN.OQSilgan Holdings IncUSDcfd index
SLI.AStandard Lithium LtdUSDcfd index
SLR.AXSilver Lake Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
SLX.AXSilex SystemsAUDcfd index
SM.NSM Energy CompanyUSDcfd index
SM1.AXSynlait Milk LtdAUDcfd index
SMAR.NSmartsheet Inc.USDcfd index
SMG.NScotts Miracle-Gro Co/TheUSDcfd index
SMH.OQMarket Vectors Semiconductor ETFUSDcfd index
SMP.NStandard Motor Products IncUSDcfd index
SMTC.OQSemtech CorpUSDcfd index
SMWB.NSimilarWeb LTDUSDcfd index
SNA.NSnap-onUSDcfd index
SNAP.NSnap Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
SNDL.OQSundial Growers Inc.USDcfd index
SNDX.OQSyndax Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
SNEX.OQStoneX Group IncUSDcfd index
SNOW.NSnowflake Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
SNP.NChina Petroleum & Chemical CorporationUSDcfd index
SNPS.OQSynopsys IncUSDcfd index
SNSR.OQGlobal X Internet of Things ETFUSDcfd index
SNX.NSYNNEX CorpUSDcfd index
SO.NSouthernUSDcfd index
SOFI.OQSoFi TechnologiesUSDcfd index
SOL.AXWashington H Soul PattinsonAUDcfd index
SOL.NReneSola LtdUSDcfd index
SOLO.OQElectrameccanica Vehicles Corp.USDcfd index
SON.NSonoco Products CoUSDcfd index
SONO.OQSonosUSDcfd index
SOXX.OQiShares PHLX Semiconductor ETFUSDcfd index
SPB.NSpectrum Brands Holdings IncUSDcfd index
SPCE.NVirgin Galactic Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
SPG.NSimon Property GroupUSDcfd index
SPGI.NS&P Global Inc.USDcfd index
SPK.AXSpark New Zealand Ltd (AU)AUDcfd index
SPL.AXStarpharma HoldingsAUDcfd index
SPLK.OQSplunk IncUSDcfd index
SPNS.OQSapiens International CorpUSDcfd index
SPOT.NSpotify Technology SAUSDcfd index
SPPI.OQSpectrum Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
SPR.NSpirit Aerosystems Holdings InUSDcfd index
SPTN.OQSpartanNash CoUSDcfd index
SPWH.OQSportsmans Warehouse Holdings IncUSDcfd index
SPWR.OQSunPower CorporationUSDcfd index
SPY.PSPDR S&P 500 ETF TrustUSDcfd index
SQ2.AXBlock Inc. CDISAUDcfd index
SRCL.OQStericycleUSDcfd index
SRE.NSempra EnergyUSDcfd index
SRG.NSeritage Growth PropertiesUSDcfd index
SRNE.OQSorrento Therapeutics Inc.USDcfd index
SRPT.OQSarepta Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
SRV.AXServcorp LtdAUDcfd index
SSM.AXService StreamAUDcfd index
SSNC.OQSS&C Technologies Holdings IncUSDcfd index
SSR.AXSSR MiningAUDcfd index
SSRM.OQSilver Standard Resources IncUSDcfd index
SSSS.OQSutter Rock Capital CorpUSDcfd index
SSTI.OQShotspotter IncUSDcfd index
SSTK.NShutterstock Inc.USDcfd index
SSU.NSigna Sports United NVUSDcfd index
STAG.NSTAG Industrial IncUSDcfd index
STCN.OQSteel Connect IncUSDcfd index
STE.NSteris PLCUSDcfd index
STEM.NStem IncUSDcfd index
STEP.OQStepStone Group IncUSDcfd index
STER.OQSterling Check Corp.USDcfd index
STGW.OQStagwell IncUSDcfd index
STK.NColumbia Seligman Premium Technology Growth Fund IncUSDcfd index
STKL.OQSunOpta Inc (US)USDcfd index
STLA.NStellantis NV (US)USDcfd index
STLD.OQSteel Dynamics Inc.USDcfd index
STN.NStantec Inc (US)USDcfd index
STNE.OQStoneCo Ltd.USDcfd index
STNG.NScorpio Tankers IncUSDcfd index
STO.AXSantosAUDcfd index
STOK.OQStoke Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
STOR.NSTORE Capital CorpUSDcfd index
STRL.OQSterling Construction Company IncUSDcfd index
STT.NState StreetUSDcfd index
STVN.NStevanato Group SPAUSDcfd index
STWD.NStarwood Property Trust IncUSDcfd index
STX.OQSeagate TechnologyUSDcfd index
STXS.AStereotaxis IncUSDcfd index
STZ.NConstellationUSDcfd index
SU.NSuncor Energy Inc.USDcfd index
SUI.NSun Communities IncUSDcfd index
SUL.AXSuper Retail Group LimitedAUDcfd index
SUN.AXSuncorp Group LimitedAUDcfd index
SURF.OQSurface Oncology IncUSDcfd index
SVC.OQService Properties TrustUSDcfd index
SVM.ASilvercorp Metals Inc (US)USDcfd index
SVW.AXSeven GroupAUDcfd index
SWAV.OQShockwave Medical Inc.USDcfd index
SWBI.OQSmith & Wesson Brands IncUSDcfd index
SWCH.NSwitch IncUSDcfd index
SWIR.OQSierra Wireless Inc.USDcfd index
SWK.NStanley BlackUSDcfd index
SWKS.OQSkyworks Solutions IncUSDcfd index
SWM.AXSeven West MediaAUDcfd index
SWN.NSouthwestern Energy CompanyUSDcfd index
SXI.NStandex International CorpUSDcfd index
SXL.AXSouthern Cross MediaAUDcfd index
SXT.NSensient Technologies CorpUSDcfd index
SY.OQSo-Young International IncUSDcfd index
SYA.AXSayona Mining LtdAUDcfd index
SYF.NSynchrony FinancialUSDcfd index
SYK.NStryker CorporationUSDcfd index
SYNA.OQSynaptics IncUSDcfd index
SYNH.OQSyneos Health IncUSDcfd index
SYR.AXSyrah Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
SYY.NSyscoUSDcfd index
SZL.AXSezzle Inc.AUDcfd index
TAH.AXTabcorp HoldingsAUDcfd index
TAK.NTakeda Pharmaceutical Company LimitedUSDcfd index
TAL.NTAL Education GroupUSDcfd index
TALO.NTalos Energy IncUSDcfd index
TAP.NMolson CoorsUSDcfd index
TCL.AXTransurban GroupAUDcfd index
TCOM.OQTrip.com Group LimitedUSDcfd index
TDC.NTeradataUSDcfd index
TDG.NTransDigm Group IncUSDcfd index
TDOC.NTeladoc Health Inc.USDcfd index
TDUP.OQThredUp Inc.USDcfd index
TDW.NTidewater IncUSDcfd index
TDY.NTeledyne Technologies IncUSDcfd index
TEAM.OQAtlassianUSDcfd index
TECH.OQTechne CorpUSDcfd index
TECK.NTeck Resources Ltd (US)USDcfd index
TEF.NTelefonica SA - ADRUSDcfd index
TEL.NTE ConnectivityUSDcfd index
TEN.NTenneco IncUSDcfd index
TER.OQTeradyneUSDcfd index
TEVA.NTeva Pharmaceutical Industries LimitedUSDcfd index
TFC.NTruist Financial CorporationUSDcfd index
TFSL.OQTFS Financial CorpUSDcfd index
TFX.NTeleflex IncUSDcfd index
TGNA.NTegna IncUSDcfd index
TGR.AXTassal Group LtdAUDcfd index
THC.NTenet HealthcareUSDcfd index
THG.NHanover Insurance Group Inc/ThUSDcfd index
THO.NThor Industries IncUSDcfd index
THR.NThermon Group Holdings IncUSDcfd index
THRY.OQThryv Holdings IncUSDcfd index
THS.NTreeHouse Foods IncUSDcfd index
TIGO.OQMillicom International Cellular SAUSDcfd index
TINV.NTiga Acquisition CorpUSDcfd index
TJX.NThe TJX Companies Inc.USDcfd index
TKAG.DEThyssenkrupp AGEURcfd index
TKR.NTimken CoUSDcfd index
TLG.AXTalga Group LtdAUDcfd index
TLRY.OQTilray Inc.USDcfd index
TLS.AXTelstra Corporation.AUDcfd index
TLT.OQiShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETFUSDcfd index
TLX.AXTelix Pharmaceuticals LimitedAUDcfd index
TLYS.NTilly's IncUSDcfd index
TM.NToyota Motor CorporationUSDcfd index
TMHC.NTaylor Morrison Home CorpUSDcfd index
TMO.NThermo Fisher Scientific IncUSDcfd index
TMST.NTimkenSteel CorpUSDcfd index
TMUS.OQT-Mobile US Inc.USDcfd index
TMX.NTerminix Global Holdings IncUSDcfd index
TNDM.OQTandem Diabetes Care IncUSDcfd index
TNE.AXTechnology OneAUDcfd index
TNXP.OQTonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.USDcfd index
TOL.NToll Brothers IncUSDcfd index
TPC.NTutor Perini CorpUSDcfd index
TPG.AXTPG TelecomAUDcfd index
TPH.NTRI Pointe Homes IncUSDcfd index
TPIC.OQTPI Composites IncUSDcfd index
TPR.NTapestry IncUSDcfd index
TPW.AXTemple & Webster Group LtdAUDcfd index
TPX.NTempur-Pedic International IncUSDcfd index
TREE.OQLendingTree IncUSDcfd index
TREX.NTrex Co IncUSDcfd index
TRGP.NTarga Resources CorpUSDcfd index
TRMB.OQTrimble Navigation LtdUSDcfd index
TRNO.NTerreno Realty CorpUSDcfd index
TROW.OQT. Rowe Price Group Inc.USDcfd index
TROX.NTronox LtdUSDcfd index
TRS.AXReject ShopAUDcfd index
TRU.NTransUnionUSDcfd index
TRV.NTravelers Companies IncUSDcfd index
TRVG.OQTrivago NVUSDcfd index
TRVN.OQTrevena IncUSDcfd index
TSBK.OQTimberland Bancorp IncUSDcfd index
TSCO.OQTractor Supply CoUSDcfd index
TSEM.OQTower Semiconductor LtdUSDcfd index
TT.NTrane Technologies PLCUSDcfd index
TTC.NToro Co/TheUSDcfd index
TTCF.OQTattooed Chef Inc.USDcfd index
TTD.OQThe Trade Desk Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
TTEF.PATotalEnergies (FR)EURcfd index
TTI.NTETRA Technologies IncUSDcfd index
TTM.NTata MotorsUSDcfd index
TTOO.OQT2 Biosystems IncUSDcfd index
TTWO.OQTake-Two Interactive Software Inc.USDcfd index
TUP.NTupperware Brands CorpUSDcfd index
TV.NGrupo TelevisaUSDcfd index
TVTY.OQTivity Health IncUSDcfd index
TWE.AXTreasury Wine Estates LtdAUDcfd index
TWI.NTitan International IncUSDcfd index
TWKS.OQThoughtworks Holding Inc.USDcfd index
TWO.NTwo Harbors Investment CorpUSDcfd index
TX.NTernium SAUSDcfd index
TXG.OQ10X Genomics IncUSDcfd index
TXMD.OQTherapeuticsMD IncUSDcfd index
TXN.OQTexas Instruments IncorporatedUSDcfd index
TXRH.OQTexas Roadhouse IncUSDcfd index
TXT.NTextron IncUSDcfd index
TYL.NTyler Technologies IncUSDcfd index
TYR.AXTyro PaymentsAUDcfd index
U.NUnity Software Inc.USDcfd index
UA.NUnder Armour Inc.USDcfd index
UAA.NUnder Armour Inc - AUSDcfd index
UAL.OQUnited Airlines Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
UAVS.AAgeagle Aerial Systems IncUSDcfd index
UDR.NUDR IncUSDcfd index
UE.NUrban Edge PropertiesUSDcfd index
UEC.AUranium Energy Corp.USDcfd index
UEIC.OQUniversal Electronics IncUSDcfd index
UGI.NUGI CorpUSDcfd index
UHS.NUniversal HealthUSDcfd index
UHT.NUniversal Health Realty IncomeUSDcfd index
UI.NUbiquiti IncUSDcfd index
UL.NUnilever PLCUSDcfd index
ULTA.OQUlta Beauty IncUSDcfd index
UMC.NUnited Microelectronics CorpUSDcfd index
UMG.AXUnited Malt Group LimitedAUDcfd index
UNFI.NUnited Natural Foods IncUSDcfd index
UNG.PUnited States Natural Gas Fund LPUSDcfd index
UNH.NUnitedHealth Group IncorporatedUSDcfd index
UNIT.OQUniti Group IncUSDcfd index
UNM.NUnumUSDcfd index
UNP.NUnion Pacific CorporationUSDcfd index
UPS.NUnited Parcel Service Inc.USDcfd index
UPST.OQUpstart Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
UPWK.OQUpwork Inc.USDcfd index
URA.PGlobal X Uranium ETFUSDcfd index
URBN.OQUrban OutfittersUSDcfd index
URGN.OQUroGen Pharma Ltd.USDcfd index
URI.NUnited Rentals IncUSDcfd index
URW.AXUnibail-Rodamco-Westfield SEAUDcfd index
USA.NLiberty All Star Equity FundUSDcfd index
USAC.NUSA Compression Partners LPUSDcfd index
USB.NU.S. BancorpUSDcfd index
USFD.NUS Foods Holding CorpUSDcfd index
USIO.OQUsio IncUSDcfd index
USNA.NUSANA Health Sciences IncUSDcfd index
USO.PUnited States Oil Fund LPUSDcfd index
USX.NUS Xpress Enterprises IncUSDcfd index
UTHR.OQUnited Therapeutics CorpUSDcfd index
UVV.NUniversal Corp/VAUSDcfd index
VAC.NMarriott Vacations Worldwide CUSDcfd index
VALE.NVale S.A.USDcfd index
VBIV.OQVBI Vaccines IncUSDcfd index
VC.OQVisteon CorpUSDcfd index
VCX.AXVicinity CentresAUDcfd index
VCYT.OQVeracyte IncUSDcfd index
VEA.AXViva Energy Group LimitedAUDcfd index
VECO.OQVeeco Instruments IncUSDcfd index
VEEV.NVeeva Systems Inc.USDcfd index
VEON.OQVeon LtdUSDcfd index
VET.NVermilion Energy Inc (US)USDcfd index
VFC.NVF CorporationUSDcfd index
VG.OQVonage Holdings CorpUSDcfd index
VHC.NVirnetX Holding CorpUSDcfd index
VIAV.OQViavi Solutions IncUSDcfd index
VINC.OQVincerx Pharma IncUSDcfd index
VINP.OQVinci Partners Investments LtdUSDcfd index
VIOT.OQViomi Technology Co LtdUSDcfd index
VIR.OQVir Biotechnology IncUSDcfd index
VIV.PAVivendiEURcfd index
VIXY.ZProShares VIX Short-Term Futures ETFUSDcfd index
VKTX.OQViking Therapeutics Inc.USDcfd index
VLO.NValero Energy CorporationUSDcfd index
VLRS.NControladora Vuela Cia de Aviacion SAB de CVUSDcfd index
VMC.NVulcan MatUSDcfd index
VMW.NVMware IncUSDcfd index
VNAn.DEVonovia SEEURcfd index
VNO.NVornado RealtyUSDcfd index
VNOM.OQViper Energy Partners LPUSDcfd index
VNT.NVontier CorpUSDcfd index
VONG.OQVanguard Russell 1000 Growth ETFUSDcfd index
VOWG.DEVolkswagen AGEURcfd index
VRA.OQVera Bradley IncUSDcfd index
VRAY.OQViewRay IncUSDcfd index
VREX.OQVarex Imaging CorpUSDcfd index
VRM.OQVroom Inc.USDcfd index
VRSK.OQVerisk Analytics IncUSDcfd index
VRTX.OQVertex Pharmaceuticals IncorporatedUSDcfd index
VSAT.OQViaSat IncUSDcfd index
VSCO.NVictoria's Secret & CoUSDcfd index
VST.NVistra Energy CorpUSDcfd index
VSTM.OQVerastem IncUSDcfd index
VSTO.NVista Outdoor IncUSDcfd index
VTI.PVanguard Total Stock Market ETF (US)USDcfd index
VTIP.OQVanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities ETFUSDcfd index
VTR.NVentasUSDcfd index
VTRS.OQViatris Inc.USDcfd index
VUL.AXVulcan Energy Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
VUZI.OQVuzix CorporationUSDcfd index
VVI.NViad CorpUSDcfd index
VXRT.OQVaxart IncUSDcfd index
VXX.ZiPath Series B S&P 500 Short-Term Futures ETNUSDcfd index
VYGR.OQVoyager Therapeutics Inc.USDcfd index
VYM.PVanguard High Dividend Yield ETFUSDcfd index
VYNE.OQVyne Therapeutics IncUSDcfd index
VZ.NVerizon Communications Inc.USDcfd index
WAB.NWabtec Corp/DEUSDcfd index
WAF.AXWest African Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
WAM.AXWAM Capital LtdAUDcfd index
WAT.NWatersUSDcfd index
WATT.OQEnergous CorpUSDcfd index
WB.OQWeibo CorpUSDcfd index
WBA.OQWalgreens Boots Alliance Inc.USDcfd index
WBC.AXWestpac Banking CorporationAUDcfd index
WBT.AXWeebit NanoAUDcfd index
WCC.NWESCO International IncUSDcfd index
WDAY.OQWorkday Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
WDC.OQWestern Digital CorporationUSDcfd index
WEB.AXWebjet LimitedAUDcfd index
WEC.NWisconsin EnergyUSDcfd index
WELL.NWelltower IncUSDcfd index
WEN.OQWendys/ArbyUSDcfd index
WERN.OQWerner Enterprises IncUSDcfd index
WES.AXWesfarmers LimitedAUDcfd index
WETF.OQWisdomTree Investments IncUSDcfd index
WEX.NWEX IncUSDcfd index
WFC.NWells FargoUSDcfd index
WGO.NWinnebago Industries IncUSDcfd index
WGX.AXWestgold Resources LimitedAUDcfd index
WHC.AXWhitehaven CoalAUDcfd index
WHR.NWhirlpoolUSDcfd index
WIMI.OQWiMi Hologram Cloud IncUSDcfd index
WISH.OQContextLogic Inc.USDcfd index
WKHS.OQWorkhorse Group Inc.USDcfd index
WLD.AXWellard LtdAUDcfd index
WLK.NWestlake Chemical CorpUSDcfd index
WLL.NWhiting Petroleum CorpUSDcfd index
WM.NWaste Management Inc.USDcfd index
WMB.NWilliams CosUSDcfd index
WMC.NWestern Asset Mortgage Capital CorpUSDcfd index
WMG.OQWarner Music Group CorpUSDcfd index
WMS.NAdvanced Drainage Systems IncUSDcfd index
WOR.AXWorley LtdAUDcfd index
WOW.AXWoolworths Group LimitedAUDcfd index
WPC.NWP Carey IncUSDcfd index
WPR.AXWaypoint REIT LtdAUDcfd index
WRB.NWR Berkley CorpUSDcfd index
WRE.NWashington Real Estate InvestmUSDcfd index
WRK.NWestRock CoUSDcfd index
WSM.NWilliams-Sonoma IncUSDcfd index
WSO.NWatsco IncUSDcfd index
WST.NWest Pharmaceutical Services IUSDcfd index
WTC.AXWisetech GlobalAUDcfd index
WTFC.OQWintrust Financial CorpUSDcfd index
WTI.NW&T Offshore IncUSDcfd index
WTRG.NEssential Utilities IncUSDcfd index
WTRH.OQWaitr Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
WU.NWestern UnionUSDcfd index
WW.OQWeight Watchers InternationalUSDcfd index
WWE.NWorld Wrestling EntertainmentUSDcfd index
WY.NWeyerhaeuserUSDcfd index
X.NUnited States Steel CorporationUSDcfd index
XBIT.OQXBiotech IncUSDcfd index
XCUR.OQExicure Inc.USDcfd index
XEL.OQXcel EnergyUSDcfd index
XELA.OQExela Technologies IncUSDcfd index
XGN.OQExagen Inc.USDcfd index
XLB.PMaterials Select Sector SPDR FundUSDcfd index
XLE.PEnergy Select Sector SPDR FundUSDcfd index
XLF.PFinancial Select Sector SPDR FundUSDcfd index
XLI.PIndustrial Select Sector SPDR FundUSDcfd index
XLK.PTechnology Select Sector SPDR FundUSDcfd index
XLP.PConsumer Staples Select Sector SPDR FundUSDcfd index
XLU.PUtilities Select Sector SPDR FundUSDcfd index
XLV.PHealth Care Select Sector SPDR FundUSDcfd index
XLY.PConsumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR FundUSDcfd index
XNET.OQXunlei LtdUSDcfd index
XOP.PSPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETFUSDcfd index
XP.OQXp IncUSDcfd index
XPEV.NXPeng Inc.USDcfd index
XPO.NXPO Logistics IncUSDcfd index
XPRO.NExpro Group Holdings NVUSDcfd index
XRAY.OQDentsply InternationalUSDcfd index
XRO.AXXeroAUDcfd index
XRX.OQXeroxUSDcfd index
XSPA.OQXpresSpa Group IncUSDcfd index
XYL.NXylemUSDcfd index
Y.NAlleghany CorpUSDcfd index
YETI.NYETI Holdings IncUSDcfd index
YEXT.NYext IncUSDcfd index
YUMC.NYum China Holdings Inc.USDcfd index
Z.OQZillow Inc - CUSDcfd index
ZBH.NZimmer Biomet Holdings IncUSDcfd index
ZBRA.OQZebra Technologies CorpUSDcfd index
ZG.OQZillow Inc - AUSDcfd index
ZGNX.OQZogenix IncUSDcfd index
ZI.OQZoomInfo Technologies IncUSDcfd index
ZIM.AXZimplats Holdings LimitedAUDcfd index
ZION.OQZions BancorporationUSDcfd index
ZNGA.OQZynga Inc. Class AUSDcfd index
ZS.OQZscaler IncUSDcfd index
ZTO.NZTO Express (Cayman) Inc (US)USDcfd index
ZTS.NZoetis Inc.USDcfd index
ZUO.NZuora IncUSDcfd index
ZYNE.OQZynerba Pharmaceuticals IncUSDcfd index
ZYXI.OQZynex IncUSDcfd index
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