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About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.



Trade your favourite commodities with BlackBull Markets, including Gold and Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Cash Crops like Sugar and Soybeans.

See below for the full list of commodities we offer.

BlackBull Markets’ Commodities

Commodity Description
Gold Spot XAUUSD
Gold Futures XAUUSD.f
Silver Spot XAGUSD
Silver Futures XAGUSD.f
Crude Oil Brent Cash Brent
Crude Oil Brent Futures UKOIL.f
West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Cash WTI
West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Futures USOIL.f
Natural Gas NGAS
US Cocoa CC.f
London Cocoa LCC.f
Soybean Futures SOYBEAN.f
Wheat Futures WHEAT.f
US Sugar Futures SB.f
London Sugar Futures LSU.f
Corn Futures CORN.f
US Cotton Futures CT.f
US Coffee Futures KC.f
London Coffee Futures LRC.f