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How to backtest strategies on TradingView

  • Our latest trading guide is an easy to follow 5-step process on how to backtest strategies with TradingView's user-friendly interface 

As a trader, it is important to validate the effectiveness of your trading strategies before putting them into practice. Backtesting is a powerful tool that allows you to test your strategies using historical data and evaluate their performance. TradingView offers a simple and user-friendly interface to backtest trading strategies. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to backtest strategies with TradingView: 

Step 1: Choose a Market and Timeframe  


The first step is to choose the market and timeframe you want to test your strategy on. You can select the desired market from the top left corner of the chart and choose a timeframe from the toolbar. Testing your trading strategy on the correct asset and timeframe is important as different markets have different characteristics, and a strategy that works well in one market may not work in another.  

Step 2: Access the Strategy Tester  


You can access the Strategy Tester by clicking on the "Strategy Tester" tab on the bottom toolbar. This will open a window which runs the program to test your strategy. Click the "Load your strategy" button and then find and select the strategy you wish to test. 

Step 3: Configure the Strategy Tester


In the Strategy Tester window, you can configure the settings for your backtest by clicking the settings wheel next to the strategy's name. Here you can set the start and end dates, choose the amount of capital you want to allocate, and the size of your trades and commissions.  

Step 4: Run the Backtest 


TradingView will automatically update the simulation of trades based on your configurations and provide you with the results instantaneously. 

Step 5: Analyze the Results  


You can analyze the results to evaluate the performance of your strategy. You can view the trades on the chart and see where your strategy entered and exited the market. You can also view the performance metrics, such as the profit and loss, and compare them to the benchmark by clicking through the available tabs below the settings wheel. 

What's Next? 

By following the step-by-step guide, you can easily access the Strategy Tester, configure your settings, and run the backtest to analyze the results. And now, clients can also Trade 1 lot per month to get free TradingView Pro with BlackBull Markets, making it even easier to take advantage of this valuable tool. Start backtesting your trading strategies today and improve your trading skills with TradingView and BlackBull Markets. 

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