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Pro tips from a pro trader

Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of the 10 days of trading course from BlackBull Markets. Today we will be introducing you to trading tips from our resident professional trader.

Steve Ruffley, a professional trader with more than 20 years trading experience, and frequent BlackBull Market collaborator is never short of trading tips. His knowledge of the trading markets is the reason new traders seek out his mentorship, and why our podcasts and webinars featuring this trading-genius have become so popular with our clients.

We welcome you to browse our archive of resources from Steven Ruffley, including:

  • Can You Be A Day Trader With A Day Job?
  • Building Your Trader Confidence
  • Scale Your Trades Like You Scale a Business [Spotify] [Amazon] [Apple] [Google]

Additionally, watch this webinar on learning how to be a pro trader:

Day 9. Pro tips from a pro trader

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