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Installing MT4/5 and customising your charts

Day 4

Today we will be discussing ‘how you can customise your trading charts’.

But first: Before you can customise your charts, you must install MetaTrader4/5 on your device.

[MetaTrader4] - [MetaTrader5]

Customising your charts

The way you structure your charts can have a big impact on how well you trade. Good chart design can help you identify market opportunities more easily.

The default chart settings you are given on MT4, and MT5 are not always the most user friendly (unless you are a fan of lime green on black?).

Luckily, the trading platforms we use at BlackBull Markets are highly customizable. To learn how you can optimize your trading charts, please watch our in-depth video detailing exactly how you can customise your trading charts.

Day 4. Installing MT4/5 and customising your charts

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