BlackBull Markets

Placing your first practice trade

Day 10

Welcome to Day 10 of the 10 days of trading course from BlackBull Markets. For the last day of this course, we will discuss building confidence with a ‘demo account’.

Many traders begin their careers trading on a demo account. Because it lets them practice trading in a real market environment, but only using artificial money. With a demo account, you can jump in the deep end of trading, expediting your learning, without the risk of drowning (so to speak).

Starting a demo account

Starting a demo account with BlackBull Markets couldn’t be easier. If you already have a BlackBull Markets’ MetaTrader platform, simply create a new demo account by following the instructions after clicking ‘File , then ‘Open an Account’.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a demo account here:

Placing your first trade

To help make placing your first trade as simple as possible, we have created a video that breaks down the steps you have to take to get started.

Set yourself a challenge and place 3 trades to get a feel for the markets.

No better practice than our demo accounts- trade with 100K of digital funds in real market conditions