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About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

Important COVID-19 Update from BlackBull Markets

As the COVID-19 situation continues to worsen around the globe, we would like to inform you that we are continuing to work hard in order to keep your account with BlackBull Markets running as smoothly as possible.

Business as Usual

Our team is keeping a close eye on everything and working around the clock to ensure everything continues as usual during this time.

As you know, we are based in Auckland, New Zealand. As of the writing of this article, New Zealand has 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and all of them were isolated and contained. There is currently no risk of community transmission. However, in the event that the situation worsens here, we have already taken the appropriate measures to prepare. Some of our team members are already working from home, and we are preparing for the rest of us to do the same if necessary,

We will do our best we can to ensure any delays to support requests, account approvals, funding, or withdrawals are minimised as much as possible. Email, phone, and live chat will still be the best ways to contact our team. Please also feel free to reach out to your account manager if you require any specific assistance with your account. We are committed to ensuring that you continue to receive the highest quality customer service.

Market Volatility

Many markets have recently experienced high levels of volatility. This presents new trading opportunities but also increases the risk of positions being closed out if there is not a sufficient margin to maintain open trades. We would like to remind you to always make sure you have enough funds in your account to maintain the margin required to keep your positions open.

Stay up to Date

We regularly keep our clients up to date with interesting and informative media about the current market movements and how to get the most out of their trading accounts. We would encourage you to have a look:

Feel free to contact our support team by emailing if you have any questions or if there is anything else you would like assistance with.

Stay Safe,

BlackBull Markets

BlackBull Markets Now Offering Natural Gas On MetaTrader 4

BlackBull Markets is pleased to announce that we now offer Natural Gas as a trading option on our Metatrader 4 platform. On MT4, you can find it under the symbol NGAS.

Natural Gas is a popular option for those looking to trade commodities, due to its volatility. It also happens to be commission free, which is always a bonus.

Here are some tips on what to look for when trading natural gas:

To open an account with us and start trading, click here:

If you have any queries, please email us at

Happy and Safe Trading,

BlackBull Markets Team

Magic Keys now available for BlackBull Markets Clients

Here at BlackBull Markets we are committed to providing the best service and smoothest trading experience possible, which is why we are pleased to announce that Magic Keys are now available for all BlackBull Markets clients for MetaTrader 4.

What is a Magic Key?

A Magic Key is a mini terminal which you can use to give yourself an edge, or otherwise just simplify your trading experience by letting you access your trades with the touch of a button.

Using a Magic Key, you can:

All you need to do is claim your Magic Key, completely free of charge, is follow these steps:

  1. Be a new or existing customer of BlackBull Markets
  2. Have at least $10,000 USD in your Account Balance
  3. Send an email to requesting your Magic Key

Once your Magic Key is delivered to you, follow the steps in this video for how to install and start using your Magic Key.

From everyone here at BlackBull Markets, we hope that this helps with your trading experience, and wish you happy and safe trading.

BlackBull Markets Team

BlackBull Markets Awarded Deloitte Fast 50 2019

Award-Winning New Zealand Forex Broker Two-Years Running

For the second consecutive year, BlackBull Group Limited has been listed on the Deloitte Fast 50 Index.

This index represents the fastest growing companies in New Zealand and after a stand-out premier season in 2018 [550%+], BlackBull Group Limited continue to establish themselves as one of the fastest growing Companies within the country.

As a leading fin-tech and Financial Services provider in New Zealand, BlackBull Markets has rapidly grown to being one of the region's most reputable broker and with an agile corporate culture, the firm hopes to dominate the Fast 50 Index for years to come.

We sat down with Michael Walker, Managing Director of BlackBull Group Limited and about the 2019 ranking, he said “I am very pleased about the current growth path of the business, it is a testament to the hard work the team has put in. We have recently hired more experienced people, who will be valuable in helping us continue our upward trend and to further establish ourselves as an industry leader. In the past year, we’ve increased our number of active clients by 50% and average trading volumes were also higher by around 30%, with key growth in our core European markets and with our strategic partners.”

BlackBull Markets is an award-winning New Zealand Forex Broker. Founded in 2014 with the goal of becoming the leading online Financial Technology and Foreign Exchange Broker, BlackBull Markets is a true ECN, no Dealing Desk brokerage specialising in Forex, CFDs, Commodities, Fibre Optic Communications and Fintech solutions for traders globally.


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