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Mark O' Donnell
Research Analyst
March 15, 2020

The psychology of placing your first trade

The psychology of placing your first trade

 Getting started in forex trading can be quite intimidating One of the biggest mistakes a new trader can make is by focusing too much on the numbers and as a result, neglecting the importance of trading psychology.

The two main emotions that govern trading are fear and greed. Fear causes a trader to exit a market too early or enter too late in order to avoid a loss, and greed can cause making high risk trades, and trading without doing the necessary research. In order to be a successful trader, you need to learn both discipline, to be able to make trades divorced from your emotional state, but also when to take risks.

Luckily, we at BlackBull Markets are here to help. This guide will go over how to manage your emotions when trading, and how to improve your psychology by making the most of your BlackBull Markets demo account, as well as other helpful tips.

How to make the most of your BlackBull Markets Demo Account

Many traders don’t understand how to use a demo account properly. They use it to spend hours perfecting their trading strategy, only to have it fail miserably in the real world. This is because of two reasons:

1: The impact of spreads and/or slippage is not accurately reflected in a demo account,

  1. The trader’s psychology changes when they shift from demo to live trading.

In order to fix these problems, all you need to do is mix small amounts of live trading into your testing. That way, you can tell if you are getting the results you’re expecting, or if your demo trading is off track.

This method also lets you gain lots of valuable experience. By utilising this method, you will either be partway through constructing a system that works for you, or you’ll find that you don’t actually enjoy trading as much as you thought. And that’s ok, because you won’t have already wasted months in a demo environment.

Use your BlackBull Markets demo account to test your ideas and refine your strategy. Just make sure to go back to live trading every so often to test your ideas on the real market.

How to effectively execute trades: the 6 steps

Placing trades should be a calculated, methodical process. Therefore, your mental state should reflect this and you should be calm, decisive, and committed to your decision. Follow these 6 steps every time you trade.

  1. See the trade. Find the trade that meets your conditions.
  2. Feel good about the trade. It's important to feel good about the trade, otherwise you will have difficulty taking it.
  3. Key in the order. Check your terminal to make sure you haven't made any mistakes.
  4. Execute the trade. Press the button to enter your order.
  5. Double check your position. View your open positions window and make sure the trade is correct.
  6. Fix any errors. If you have made a mistake, quickly fix any errors, even if it means a small loss. Don't hold on and hope. This is critical because you will make mistakes, and it's important to limit their impact.

Visualise yourself performing perfectly

Visualisation techniques are used by professionals in many fields, and can be applied to trading as well. As a trader, create a picture of yourself performing the above steps in your mind calmly and professionally. Then, when it comes to making the actual trade, your subconscious will be working for you and chances are you will perform just as you practiced.

Don’t focus on the result

The only time you should be thinking about the results your trade is in the planning stage. Once you execute the trade, you should divorce yourself from any thoughts of the trade being “right” or “wrong”. You have no control over that.

What you do have control over is the number of mistakes that you make. By focusing on yourself and your strategy, instead of what the market might do, you are limiting your chances of making a mistake. This will greatly benefit you in the long run, even if you find yourself losing trades in the short term, because as you gain experience the results will take care of themselves.

What's Next?

Many forex traders face mental roadblocks when getting started. Don’t be one of them. By combining a mixture of demo and live trading, you get both the benefits of having an risk-free environment where you can practice and experiment with your trading strategy, while at the same time being able to work on your mentality and discipline as well.

Now it’s time to take the advice that you’ve learnt in this guide, and apply it to your BlackBull Markets demo account. You can set one up here at blackbullmarkets.com/en/demo-account/. Our support team is also always here to help, which you can contact either by phone or email at support@blackbullmarkets.com.

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