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Guide to Understanding Your Demo Account

Demo accounts are a vital resource not only for newcomers to trading but also for veterans, as they allow for testing and trying out new strategies. Your demo account enables you to experience live trading without any risk.

Since your demo account simulates a live feed with genuine market prices and movements, it allows you as a trader to develop and practice your strategies without running the risk of losing real money. You can try out different lot sizes, spreads, and entry and exit strategies.

Demo accounts relieve the mental and psychological stress of trading since there are no risks involved. However, this has its negative aspects as well. Without the risk of real loss, new traders can often feel overwhelmed when they switch to large live accounts since the demo account does not provide the psychological training required to prepare a trader for the mental strains of live trading.

It is recommended that once a successful strategy has been developed on the demo account, it should be tried out on a relatively low-risk live account. This allows you, the trader, to execute a well-developed, tried-and-tested strategy in a live situation, where you can learn to efficiently deal with the emotional impacts of winning and losing trades.

Our demo accounts provide our users with an easy-to-use, stress-free environment, making it an ideal training ground to develop and refine your trading strategies.

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