About us

About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

What documents do you need from me?


When applying for an Individual Live Account:

  1. Complete the online application by clicking here.
  2. Submit the following documents (in .jpg, .pdf, or .png format less than 10MB);\

A) Proof of Identity (POI)

  1. Scanned copy of an International Passport. This is the best form of ID we can accept and if you are able to submit a Passport, then you are almost there!  However, if you do not have a Passport, then you would be required to submit; OR
  2. A National Identity Card or Government-issued ID

B) Proof of Address (POA)

  1. The best form of a POA is a Bank Statement, and we would require this dated in the last 3 months, OR
  2. Another form of a suitable POA is a Utility Bill, and this could be a Gas, Electricity or Water Bill, addressed to you and dated in the last 3 months, OR
  3. A Government issued document.

When applying for a Corporate Live Account:

When applying as Corporate Entity for an Account:

  1. Complete the online application by visiting clicking here!
  2. Submit the following documents (in .jpg, .pdf, or .png format):
    1. Certificate of Incorporation
    2. Register of Directors
    3. Register of Shareholders
    4. One of the following documents:
      1. Certificate of Incumbency
      2.  Articles of Association
      3. Company Extract
      4. Memorandum
  3. We also require these TWO documents from EVERY director and EVERY Beneficial Owner;
    1. A Photo ID (e.g. Passport, National Photo ID, Government Issued ID)
    2. A Proof of Address dated within 3 months (e.g. Utilities bill, Bank statement, Credit card statement, Government issued document)
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