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About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

How do I open a Live Account?

How do I open a Live Account?

1. Go to the Live Account application page by clicking here.

2. You will be asked the following questions about your Account Settings:

Account Type

BlackBull Markets has 3 account types to choose from; Standard, Prime and Institutional Accounts. More information about these can be found at our Account Types page.


Indicates the currency which all commission gains and losses are presented in. This does not alter your base trading currency (base trading currency is USD and is unchangeable market wide).

Funding Amount

Shows BlackBull Markets what amount of capital you are intending to invest. The higher the funding amount the more contact BlackBull Markets staff will have with you, in order to provide you with any services you may require.


This is essentially a multiplier effect, increasing the yield of both your profit AND losses. BlackBull Markets offers leverage up to 1:500.


Please select your language.

3. Please accurately fill in the registration form with your personal details (these must be accurate as we will need to be able to identify you should you lose access to your account).

4. Following this you will receive an email with your MT4 Login Number and Password.