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About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

How can I become a MAM/PAMM?

What is a Lead Trader?

A Lead Trader is a Trader who is able to manage multiple Trading Accounts from one master Account. Other traders who want the Lead Trader to manage their Account are called Follow Traders. The Lead and Follow Trader system is very similar to a MAM/PAMM system, however with more clarity and Client safe-guards.

To become a Lead Trader with BlackBull Markets, you must first have a current Live Account open with BlackBull Markets. Click here to open a Live Account.

To apply to become a BlackBull Markets Lead Trader:

1. Go to the BlackBull Markets Client Login Portal by clicking here!

2. Enter the email address and password you used when registering for your BlackBull Markets account.  These will be different from your MT4 login details.

3. Once logged in you will be brought to the Client Portal.  Here you will see a selection of account settings and options. Under "Becoming a Partner", click the tab "Open Lead Trader Account"

This will open the Lead Trader Account application form.  Fill out the form with the necessary information to apply for a Lead Trader Account.

Following submission of this form, your Lead Trader Account will be opened pending approval from your Account Manager.

After your account has been approved you will be sent a referral URL link.