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We invite you to learn what indicators are favoured by traders in 2022, why they work, and how you can apply them to the instruments that you trade.

To stay one step ahead of the ever-changing markets you need to update your trading tools, including your two most precious tools: Your knowledge base and your technical indicators.

Thus, BlackBull Markets have graciously prepared the following eBook to improve our clients' trading knowledge and charting skills.

Ebook - Stay One Step Ahead

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After we released this eBook to a select group of our client base:
  • A 30% improvement in the number of successful trades was recorded.
  • 90% of traders adopted one or more of these indicators into their everyday toolbox.
  • 1000 organic downloads from word-of-mouth.

But it wouldn't be fair to keep this information only to ourselves, would it? So, BlackBull Markets has decided to give it away for free to everyone (even if you are not a client!).

Don’t hesitate; download '10 popular indicators that every trader should know in 2022' for free today.