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About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

MT4 MultiTerminal

MT4 MultiTerminal 

The MT4 MultiTerminal is a tool that lets you trade simultaneously on several different trading accounts at the same time. 

By trading via the MultiTerminal, you do not have to switch between accounts to place trades. Rather, when you open, close or alter orders, you send the instructions from several accounts synchronously, and the MT4 MultiTerminal will automatically spread the size of the order across all connected accounts as per your profile settings. 

The MT4 MultiTerminal is perfect for traders managing multiple personal accounts and those that manage investors' accounts. The MultiTerminal makes working across more than one account more efficient. 

The MT4 MultiTerminal combines a simple interface with a wide array of functions to allow for exceptional usability. Traders familiar with the MT4 Client Terminal will become acquainted with the MT4 MultiTerminal within minutes. 


Download MT4 MultiTerminal (only available on Windows) 


Key features of the MT4 MultiTerminal:

  • Manage up to 128 real accounts and up to 10 demo accounts simultaneously 
  • Open, close, and alter positions on multiple accounts with a single click 
  • Multiple modes for order execution 
  • Spread the order volume between accounts 5 different preset ways 
  • Manage transactions with MultiTerminals’ internal reports system 

How to use MT4 MultiTerminal 

Follow these steps to get started: 

  • Download the MT4 MultiTerminal installation file 
  • Click Cancel when asked to open a new account 
  • Open the MT4 MultiTerminal and click Tools > Options and select the server for your trading account from the dropdown menu; then click OK. 
  • Click New Account from the top menu and enter your trading account's details 
  • To add more trading accounts, click New Account again. All trading accounts must be from the same server, or it cannot be added. 
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