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About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

How do you view Trade History in MT5?

As the name implies, your trade history is a record of all past trades that have been placed on a given MetaTrader 5 account.

How to view trade history in MT5

All closed trades in MetaTrader 5 are listed in the History tab on the toolbox.

In situations where the toolbox window is not present:

  • Hover around the “View” menu on the menu bar and click on “Toolbox” to display the toolbox
  • Or use the “Ctrl + T” keyboard shortcut

To view your trade history:

  • Click on the “History” tab to view all your closed trades. Here you can review all your past activity, both winning and losing trades.
  • Attached to each past trade is a set of information, including the symbol, date, and time that the trade concluded, and the profit or loss made.

How to customise the trade history window in MT5

Customising the trade history window is possible by right-clicking on a trade history or an empty space and accessing the history options.

The options available to customise include:

●          Position, Deals, Orders, Orders & Deals

●          Symbols – used to filter for specific symbols in the trade history

●          Volumes – used to display the volume size in with lots of amounts

●          Time filter – used to filter the history window for time-specific trades or to show all. Available options are the Last 3 months, Last month, and custom period.  

●          Column – the column option is used to customise and add more entities to the column on the trade history window.

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