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About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

How do you view all your Open Positions in MT5?

All your open positions and pending orders in MetaTrader 5 are listed in the Trade tab on the toolbox.

The toolbox window can be found at the bottom of the MT5 window and will look like this:

Click on the “Trade” tab to view all your trades.

For the example shown above, we have 3 different types of trades open:

  • A buy trade
  • A sell trade
  • And a pending order.

Each column gives different information about the trade.

The first column denotes the symbol of the instruments being traded. The second column is the trade ticket, a unique identifier given to each trade. The third till the tenth column describe the time, type, volume, price, stop loss, take profit, price, and current profit associated with each trade

In situations where you don't have a toolbox:

  • Go to “View” and click on “Toolbox” to display the toolbox
  • Or use the “Ctrl + T” keyboard shortcut

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