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How do you use the MT5 Market Watch?

The MetaTrader 5 Market Watch window shows all the BID/ASK prices of your favorite tradable instruments. However, it does much more than that. It also allows you to open charts, view instruments, place orders of any type, and so much more.

How to locate and view and view the Market Watch Window

Like every other useful window in the BlackBull Markets MT5, the MT5 Market Watch is readily available as soon as you open MetaTrader 5. It is located on the left-hand side of the chart window.

How to open the MT5 MarketWatch

In some cases, the MetaTrader 5 Market Watch window has been closed mistakenly or not open by default.

  • Simply click on “view” from the menu bar.
  • Then click on Market Watch.
  • This will display the Market Watch window once again.

How to use the MT5 MarketWatch

The most common use of the MetaTrader 5 Market Watch is to view prices, monitor pairs, view charts, and place orders.

To perform these actions, you can use the options menu by right-clicking on an instrument.

The important options in the menu consist of:

  • New Order: This is used to open a new order for selected pair.
  • Chart Window: is used to open the instrument’s chart.
  • Tick Chart: this option is used to open the tick chart window of the selected financial instrument.
  • Depth of Market: this is used to open the Depth of Market (DOM) window.
  • Hide/Hide All/Show/Show All are options used to toggle the instruments and pairs displayed on the market watch window.

It is also possible to use the MarketWatch functions without using the options menu.

Double-clicking on a particular pair or instrument opens a new order window.

Opening charts can be done using the simple drag and drop technique.

Simply hover to the instrument you want to view, drag it and place it on the chart window.

The chart for the instrument will then open up.

However, be aware, the current chart in view closes when using this method.

To open the chart in a separate tab and not affect the one currently open, hold “Ctrl” while dragging and the chart will be opened in a separate tab.

The prices and colors in the market watch

Prices in the Market Watch have different colors, which are:

  • Blue: indicates a price increase.
  • Red: indicates a price decrease.
  • Grey: indicates constant price (no change in price for the last 15 seconds).

Adding and Sorting Symbols/Pairs

To add a new instrument or pair, click on the “+ click to add…” sign at the bottom of the window.

Then search and select the right instrument that needs to be added to the window.

Sorting the symbols can be easily done by selecting the column headers, which sorts it in an ascending or descending order, based on the attribute selected.