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How do you use the MT5 Drawing Tools?

How to Add an Object in MT5

To insert objects or use the drawing tools in MetaTrader 5:

  • Click on Insert on the top menu and click on objects to view the lists of tools available.
  • Select a tool and it’ll be ready for use on your desired chart.

How to draw an object in MT5

Objects may have varying amounts of configuration depending on their kind.

The center point of a moving item is usually its point of origin when placing an object on a chart. Most objects need you to provide one or more beginning points and then define the direction and size while holding your mouse down.

How to modify or delete an object in MT5

To modify an object on the chart

  • Click on the object and drag the edges or the end or starting point as desired.
  • Objects like trendlines and short lines and so on can be moved, adjusted, and modified.
  • However, Objects like vertical and horizontal lines can only be adjusted by moving positions.
  • To delete an object, simply click on the object to select it.
  • Then click on the backspace or “delete” key on your keyboard.
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