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How do you set Trading Alerts in MT5?

Trade alerts are used as a means of staying updated with chart and symbol prices when you don’t have an eye on the market. Trade alerts are helpful tools that will notify you when certain conditions you are interested in are met.

How to set alerts in MT5

  1. Navigate to the Toolbox section and click on the “Alerts” tab
  2. Right-click on the alerts window to open up the options and click on create.
  3. Set up your price alerts by using the different options available:
    • Action: Choose the method by which you will be notified when the alert is triggered.
    • Symbol: Choose the symbol which you want to apply an alert.
    • Expiration: Choose when you want the alert to expire if not triggered.
    •  The condition and value: Choose the condition and its corresponding value which, when met, will trigger an alert.
  4. Once set, click OK and your alert will be displayed in the alert tab.

In situations where you don't have the toolbox opened.

  • Hover around the “View” menu on the menu bar and click on “Toolbox” to display the toolbox
  • Or use the “Ctrl + T” keyboard shortcut

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