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How do you display units of time in MT5?

There are eight timeframes you can access and apply to your charts within MT5.

Time frames on MetaTrader 5 include:

  • M1 – 1 minute
  • M5 – 5 minutes
  • M15 – 15 minutes
  • M30 – 30 minutes
  • H1 – 1 hour
  • H4 – 4 hours
  • D1 – daily
  • W1 – weekly

To change the time frame on the chart:

  • Right-click on the chart and click on “Timeframes
  • Select the timeframe you want, and the chart will reload to make changes.

Alternatively, you can change the timeframe through the chart option on the top menu bar or through the timeframe toolbar.

To open the timeframe toolbar:

  • Hover over the “view” option on the top menu
  • Click on “toolbars” and select “timeframe” from the options displayed.
  • A dropdown bar will appear right below the top menu bar which shows the different timeframes available.
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