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How do you display a Range chart in MT5?

It is possible to view ranges and range charts in MT5 using the mini chart object.

To do this:

  • Click on “insert” on the top menu and click on “objects” from the options displayed.
  • From the objects, click on “Graphical” to open the lists of graphical objects available.
  • From the lists of objects, find and click on “Chart”.
  • Once clicked, the cursor changes from the normal arrow to a plus type icon
  • Click on a chart and the mini chart will be displayed
  • Drag the mini chart to reposition it.

To edit the range options on the mini chart:

  • Double click on the mini chart to select it
  • Right click on the selected chart to show the options and click on “properties
  • From the parameters tab,
  • Find the period option and edit the timeframe as you wish.
  • Editing the time frame sets the range of period that will be shown on the mini chart

For example, setting a monthly period will make the mini chart shows the monthly chart.

Note that this will not affect the main chart.

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