Risk Management

At Black Bull Markets, Risk Management is handled by our expert team, who have strong backgrounds and experience in the banking and investment industry.

We use this wealth of knowledge and experience to manage risk in an efficient and intelligent manner. Our expert team’s only job is to effectively maximise your earnings potential and squeeze out every extra bit of profit they can through complex reporting.

Our team will also provide you access to a unique in house algorithm analysis. Along with auditing due diligence to optimise your book, based on your goals as a brokerage.

We offer two differing plans. From full service, where we handle everything allowing your brokerage to focus on sales and operations. To the consulting plan, where we help train and set up your own staff allowing you to handle things in house.

Service Client Benefit

Service Benefit
Complete book management and optimisation Maximise Revenue, lower costs
Real time arbitrage prevention (algorithm) Lower risk of arbitrage losses
Daily, Monthly and Quarterly Reporting Transparency and Tracking business performance
Position Exposure Monitoring Have all of your LP accounts optimised
Fully Managed Risk Solution Can spend more resources growing the business
Hands on training in Risk Management Learn key knowledge form our decades of experience in Risk Management

To compliment our Prime Liquidity, BlackBull Markets also offers Prime of Prime Liquidity.

Our Prime of Prime Liquidity partnerships and relationships has been developed and maintained with world and industry-leading institutions so that we can offer our clients simply the best.

Due to demand, we can now create a hybrid model where we work with and train a member or members of your team alongside ours, giving you control over one of the most important aspects of your business.

One way we can implement this system is by providing you a risk management service after hours. This means that when your team member heads home for the night, we will pick up where they left off, freeing you from having to hire more staff to cover this time slot.

This lets you focus on growing your business, leading to faster business development and more efficient use of resources. For further information, get in touch with our Risk Management team at ib@blackbullmarkets.com