PsyQuation is the world’s first online robo-trading coach. A machine-learning system will constantly analyse your trades and your trading behaviour. It will then advise you on the weaknesses of your trading strategy and how you can mitigate their affects. Set goals for your trading and PsyQuation will help you meet them.

A full affiliate of BlackBull Markets, PsyQuation offers users the ability to directly link your BlackBull Markets trading account to the PsyQuation system. All of this is fully integrated and will work immediately after signing up with PsyQuation. All you have to do is create a PsyQuation account and link it with your BlackBull Markets’ MetaTrader 4 account number.

Key Benefits:

  • Connect directly with a broker who will analyse your trading performance
  • Set your goal with target profit and loss
  • Control your trading with dashboard essentials
  • Improve your trading with uniquely researched notifications
  • Achieve your goal by reducing losses and better trading
  • Machine-learning robot-coach providing expertly customised trading advice
  • Unique behavioural profiling insights and how they affect your trading performance