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About us

About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

BlackBull Social

Join BlackBull Social to connect with expert traders from across the world.

Social-trading and copy-trading are growing in popularity with investors, and BlackBull Social, which combines both aspects, seamlessly fits the modern needs of modern traders. 

BlackBull Social is a powerful platform that allows you to execute trades following the strategies of master-traders from any MT4 or MT5 based broker. This means you can learn and copy the trades of master traders from across the world, without limiting your opportunities to professionals at a specific broker.  

Because BlackBull Social is a unique ultra-low latency trading ecosystem, Copy-trades are executed with super-low latency to ensure that copy-trades are as close to the masters as possible. 

Better still, trade with confidence, and leverage BlackBull Social’s interactive environment and advanced monitoring features and metrics to social-proof the strategies you choose to follow. With BlackBull Social you can be sure the master traders you follow will fit your trading needs.  

Key features of BlackBull Social: 

  • Invest with professional traders 
  • Review trade history of all master traders 
  • Set advanced trade parameters 
  • Employ our risk management systems 
  • Access dedicated 24/7 Customer support 
  • Review real-time reporting on all investments 
  • Connect with traders with exclusive social features 
  • Diversify across forex, commodities, indices, and stocks
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