New Zealand Fintech

Located in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean, the small island nation of New Zealand is home to a rapidly growing Fintech industry. With a strong economy, a can-do culture, and a focus on innovation, New Zealand has become one of the best places in the world to do business.

Encouraging growth and innovation in the financial sector has been a primary focus of the New Zealand Government over the last decade. Seeing an opportunity, BlackBull Markets decided to create a truly trustworthy brokerage that brings an institutional experience to the retail FX market. The safe and secure financial industry that New Zealand offers was the perfect place to start our company. BlackBull Markets has built relationships with the world-renowned ANZ Bank, and the FSPR to ensure that we maintain the highest level of security for our clients.

  • Premium destination for both tourists and immigrants
  • Strong and stable political climate
  • Growing banking and financial sector
  • Business environment that is focused on innovation and growth

History of the New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

To do away with the confusion of the pound, shilling, and pence system the New Zealand Dollar was introduced in 1967. This decimalised system created a standardised currency that matched other major currencies around the world. It was originally pegged to the USD at a rate of $1.43USD = $1NZD, but since 1985 the value has been determined by global financial markets.

Last year the NZD was one of the most traded currencies in the world, making up 2.1% of all trades (That’s over $100 Billion traded each day!). It has consistently been among the top 10 currencies over the last decade, with an increasing turnover in the global FX market. This is primarily due to the relatively high-interest rates and the stability that is offered by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand which attracts the attention of international investors.

  • Reliable, liquid currency
  • Trusted economy
  • Offers volatility, but reduced risk compared to other currencies
  • Backed by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

An Emerging Fintech Powerhouse

Fintech is changing the way the world saves, spends, transfers, and uses money, and New Zealand has been quick to embrace this rapidly transforming industry. As well as being an early adopter of blockchain technology, and pay wave, banks and financial institutions in New Zealand are constantly looking to improve their services and products through innovation and good old Kiwi ingenuity. With a supportive regulatory environment and a Government keen to expand the finance sector, New Zealand has set itself on the path to becoming a leading force in the Fintech sector.

Nevertheless, New Zealand maintains a relaxed but hard-working culture. New Zealanders love to spend time watching rugby with a cold beer and hanging out on one of our many great beaches. We have established a strong do-it-yourself (DIY) culture which encourages getting stuck in and making the most of each opportunity. With these values and the opportunities that New Zealand presents, BlackBull Markets has chosen to create a trustworthy brokerage that provides a world-class institutional offering to the retail FX market.

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