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Mid Level Web Application Engineer

Position Title

Mid Level Web Application Engineer

About The Role

BlackBullMarkets is looking for a passionate engineer with 3+ year experience building customer-facing web applications in the cloud. You would be working on PHP 7 powered cloud-native web applications integrating with various third party integrators hosted on AWS platform. There will be a number of microservices built and consumed by other applications within the Blackbull markets.

Required Skills & Experience

  • 3+ years advanced PHP 7 experience building web applications. 1+ year experience building RESTful APIs and good authority in understanding CORS
  • Laravel 7 experience / Symfony 4 / Symfony 5 experience building rich web applications and API
  • Expert-level knowledge of OOPS, Dependency injection and major design patterns and using/configuring modules via composer
  • Experience working with TDD - Experience with codeception for acceptance testing
  • PHP Templating experience having worked with Blade and Twig
  • Experience with Doctrine / Eloquent ORM + MonoLog
  • PHPUnit Library experience
  • Solid understanding of Javascript (Classes / functions / DOM interactions) and experience in Typescript - Experience with ReactJS 16 or VueJS along with npm and webpack
  • HTML5 experience and good command on using web rich components and DOM experience - CSS experience with SASS / LESS engine
  • Knowledge of AWS cloud of following:
    • ECS
    • ElasticCache (Redis)
    • EC2
    • SQS/SNS
    • Cloudformation / CDK
    • Lambda (Python)
    • Aurora MySQL / Aurora Postgres
    • CloudWatch
    • ELK stack
  • Using and making decisions via Application Performance monitoring frameworks such as NewRelic
  • Using encryption to store and consuming sensitive information using Libsodium
  • Experience with Apache + apache modules / Nginx
  • Experience with both NoSQL Database - MongoDB and RDB: MySQL / Postgres (SQL, Query analysis, database designs and basic ETL for migration from NoSQL to Relation Database skills as well as triggers, stored procs and bin-log replication)


  • A talent for communicating ideas, issues and solutions in a team environment
  • C++ experience on Windows
  • Github profile with active contribution
  • Good experience with installing, configuring PHP extensions and Protocol Buffers
  • Experience with Docker and Bash scripting on Linux platform
  • Linux Bash / Shell scripting knowledge and familiarity with Linux environment
  • Basic python skills for data manipulation
  • Should be able to use git (version control system)
  • Knowledge of DevOps / CICD pipelines
  • Follow infosec skills such as OSWAP security standards in their routine development work
  • Salesforce integrations and development experience
  • Integration with different payment gateways
  • WordPress skills

Benefits & Perks

  • AWS training and mentorship to get AWS certified in the desired choice of your career goals (such as DevOps, developer or solution architect)
  • Forex training if interested to know more about the business

Apply Now

To enquire about, or apply for this position, please email a copy of your resume along with a cover letter addressing the selection criteria for this position, to