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Mark O'Donnell
Research Analyst
July 4, 2022

Tesla deliveries fall. Is its stock price next?


Tesla's stock price last Friday jumped from $673.42 to $681.79, gaining 1.24% after the end of the session.  

Tesla stock showed signs of range contraction during the day, making an intraday range from $666.36 day low to a day high of $690.69, the narrowest in the last seven days. The stock volume was 79% of the average volume on the previous trading day, down by 11 million shares and $14 billion in value. This low volume might signify possible price changes for the subsequent trading sessions. 

For a longer-term view, Tesla's stock price, which is currently on a downtrend, is down by 35% this year, slightly more than the Nasdaq Composite (at -30%). Tesla stock might continue this downside as the market digests its quarterly report for the second half of this year. Tesla reported just over 250,000 deliveries, its first decline in deliveries since quarter one, 2022. 

On the technical side, looking at the 4-hour chart, a trend channel indicator shows a clear downtrend as candles create lower highs and lower lows.  


The price, now sitting at the top of the falling trend, might see a continued move to the downside and create another lower low at $560 after breaking the $620 support and potentially targeting the $450 price point. However, a break to the upside on the $785 resistance might indicate a potential short-term buy and target at least $865 to fill the gap. Watch for trading in the tight range of $734 and $784 in this case.  

Price rejecting at the $785 resistance or $620 support level means that we will see an extension to its period of consolidation in this price range, which it has held since May 11, 2022.  

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