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The trend of GDPUSD

The trend of GDPUSD

The US dollar and the pound were steady on Wednesday, and EU leaders are considering a request for a postponement of the Brexit, which is expected to extend the October 31 deadline by three months.

European Council President Tusk said on Twitter late Tuesday that he has suggested that EU leaders support the postponement of voting. British Prime Minister Johnson was forced by the parliament to extend for three months. However, some EU countries, especially France, may still require shorter deadlines. Johnson called the European Council President Tusk this morning to inform Tusk that he opposed the extension of Brexit and still hopes to leave the EU on October 31. The parliament will vote on the extension of Brexit and the parliament will hand over control to the EU.

EU officials recently stated that the EU will not decide on the extension of Brexit today. And then the decision may be made on Friday. Earlier, the British parliament made a dramatic vote on Tuesday, accepting the agreement in principle, but vetoed a three-day timetable for passing the necessary legislation. After the pound fell against the dollar and the euro on Tuesday, foreign exchange trading was generally calm. Today, the pound/dollar rose, hitting a high of 1.29115. The US dollar index also rose slightly, hitting a high of 97.66 in the day.

Johnson had previously threatened that if the parliament did not agree with his timetable, he would cancel the agreement, but he did not honour the threat. The market believes that this almost eliminates the possibility of no agreement to leave the European Union. Earlier Wednesday, the uncertainty of Brexit boosted safe-haven currencies. However, after the outside world believes that the EU may approve the extension, the rise of the yen and the Swiss franc will fade. The yen fell slightly to 108.55 against the US dollar and 0.991 against the Swiss franc.