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GameStop Squeeze: The Mother Of All Short Squeezes And Her Many Potential Offspring

The Mother Of All Short Squeezes, or MOASS for short, is how the impending once-in-a-lifetime squeeze of GameStop Corp shorts is being referred. And rightfully so. Everything surrounding this event is historical, and whatever eventual short squeeze prize eventuates, whether shares are selling at $1,000 or $1 million, it will not negate the importance of the event. It will still be the MOASS, a blueprint moving forward, and a necessary counter for imprudent short positions.

If, or when, the MOASS occurs, and the proof of concept is validated, I predict that we will immediately see short squeeze attempts on other heavily shorted stocks.

Attempts were made in the past to squeeze the shorts on other heavily shorted stocks. But these felt like half-hearted attempts and too early a distraction from the GameStop Squeeze, which had not worked itself to a solid conclusion.

In the heat of the February squeeze frenzy, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc, Koss Corporation, BlackBerry Ltd, spiked by 300%, 1,800%, and 240%, respectively, before incurring significant drops. The periphery squeezes have all lost significant interest since those heady days at the beginning of the year. Four months later, nothing has been able to match the stamina maintained by GameStop squeezers. There has, of course, been fluctuations in the GME price, but a strong pool of squeezers has always remained, diamond-handed as they say.

It would not be too controversial to speculate that if the MOASS comes to fruition, money will immediately begin flowing into other heavily shorted stocks. Veteran and virgin squeezers will want to recreate the success of the MOASS and squeeze more from short sellers across a range of other stocks.

I will be keeping an eye on AMC, KOSS, and BB as the potential first responders to the MOASS. But squeezers might also turn their collective interest toward Nokia Oyj, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc, and Discovery Inc.

But for now, all eyes are on GameStop. The concept will have to be proven over there before interest creeps into other heavily shorted stock.

GameStop MOASS

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