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Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

What TradingView Account Type Is Right for Me?

TradingView offers Four types of accounts, including one free version and three paid. The paid accounts are available via monthly or annual billing. While the accounts differ by available features, price, and customer support, importantly, all account types can be connected to your broker account at BlackBull Markets.

Whichever account you choose will depend on your trading needs.

Let’s get to know the different account types to help define which one is right for you.

What TradingView Account Type Is Right for Me?

Basic account


TradingView’s Basic account is free to use. It is equipped with all the basic functionality you would expect for setting up charts and executing trades. A significant drawback of the free Basic account includes small advertising banners that appear at the bottom left-hand corner of charts. However, these ads are minimally intrusive and can be deleted as soon as they appear.


US $14.95 per month, or US $155 per year

The cheapest paid account from TradingView is Pro. Everything in the Basic version is available in Pro but without the annoying pop-up banner ads. Further, Pro accounts have the added benefit of employing five indicators per chart. On the Basic version, users are frustratingly limited to three indicators per chart.


US $29.95 per month, or US $299 per year

With TradingView’s Pro+ account, you get all the benefits of the Pro account and more. Pro+ accounts get 100 server-side alerts, which is five times as many as the Pro account, meaning that you will never have to worry about missing an important event when away from your computer. In many other instances, Pro+ has double the capacity of the Pro account, including double the indicators per chart and double the charts per layout.


US $59.95 per month, or US $599 per year

TradingView’s top of the line paid account is Premium. With this account, you will want for nothing. There are four hundred server-side alerts, 25 indicators per chart, and access to indicators typically only available via invitation. Premium accounts are also perfect for backtesting trading strategies, with 20,000 historical bars open to view, double the number available in the Pro and Pro+ accounts.

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