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About us

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, we bring an institutional trading experience to the retail market.

How Do I Connect My BlackBull Markets Account To TradingView?

You will have to set yourself up with a BlackBull Markets trading account before setting up a free TradingView account. 

Please visit secure.blackbullmarkets.com and fill out your details on our fast and secure application form. Your application will be reviewed and approved by our team asap.

Signing up to TradingView

Once you have your trading account credentials, which will be sent to you via email, you can proceed with connecting to TradingView.

If you already have a TradingView account, please skip to step #5

Step #1 - Visit tradingview.com

o    First visit https://www.tradingview.com/.

o   In the top right corner, you will find the ‘Get started’ button.

Step #2 - Sign up for a free account  

o   Scroll down to find the free TradingView account, known as Basic. You will still be able to connect to BlackBull Markets and trade without issue.

Step #3 - Select login method

o   Select one of the seven methods for logging into your TradingView account.

Step #4 - You're in!

o   Now it’s time to connect your TradingView Account to BlackBull Markets.

Connecting your BlackBull Markets Account with TradingView

If you already have a TradingView account, then this process is all that much easier.

Step #5 - Connecting accounts

o   To connect your TradingView account with BlackBull Markets, visit the ‘Trading Panel’ found on the bottom toolbar in any chart view.

o   Click on the plus symbol (or small box with the three ellipses) to reveal the BlackBull Markets logo.

o   Hover over the BlackBull Markets logo and select the option to ‘Connect’.

Alternatively, you can visit https://www.tradingview.com/broker/BlackBull_Markets/ and click "Trade".

Step #6 - Fill in details

o   Fill in your BlackBull Markets account details in the pop up box, and then select ‘Connect’.

Step #7 - Confirm connection

o   The green dot on the bottom toolbar, signifies that your connection is now live, and you will be able to begin trading with your funds that have been deposited into your trading account.

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