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Advantages of using a VPS

Credit: Jaco van den Berg

A VPN or Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine, essentially a server running within a server. Generally consisting of one physical server separated into multiple virtual server, each isolated from the others. Meaning the user is not limited to a ‘one size fits all’ situation, as when using a shared hosting sever. A VPS allows the user to run multiple applications and soft ware configurations as well as providing increased power and performance to handle increased online traffic or increased connection speeds to service providers.

The traffic and activities of other VPS users do not affect the operations and performance of others, as with shared host servers. Having your own allotment of resources provided by your VPS allows you and other VPS users to enjoy faster load and connection speeds. Furthermore, a VPS hosting provides the user with increased disk space, CPU and RAM.

Virtual Private Servers are an ideal tool for Forex traders. A VPS results in reduced latency between customer and servers’ providers. BlackBull Markets MT4 servers for both the live and demo environments are situated in the NY4 data center in New York. BlackBull Markets VPS’s provided by Beeks, are set up in the same server room effectively, as our trading servers. Thus, ensuring a dramatic increase in connection speed resulting in faster execution speeds to your trades and a reduced risk of connection speeds slowing down.

A VPS allows for a truly customizable experience, allowing you, the trader, to augment and incorporate your own personalized trading strategies into the BlackBull Markets system, without running the risk of lagging connections as with a Shared Hosting Server.

BlackBull Markets offers free VPS services to any clients who are interested. The only requirements are, a BlackBull Markets Prime account and a minimum of $2,000 deposit with 20 lots traded per month.

A VPS can be requested and set up by registering here.

BlackBull Markets also provide a wide range of informational videos, including the advantages of using a VPS for our MT4 systems and how to set up a VPS with us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdLkGVTtP_k

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